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Hairstyles Recommended For The Gym And Workout

When going to the gym, being comfortable in the right clothes and hairdo is important. This is because both the garment you wear and hairstyle you do determine the success of your workout. If you wear something uncomfortable or do a hairstyle that you are conscious about at the gym, then it affects your workout for sure.

Not being decked properly at the gym can also make you look funny or appear weird to your gym mates. In fact, on the first day of gym or professional workout, trainers always focus on the right garment and hairdo.

Based on which, today we've picked for you five perfect hairstyles that you can count on for the gym. Hairstyles listed here cater to the need of women and eventually make it comfortable to do the workout.

So, pick your preferred hairstyle for the gym and experience the best of workout.


A High Ponytail

Most common hairstyle in the gym, high ponytail is fast and quick to do. On doing this, ensure you fix it rightly at the root of the ponytail. Also, during workout, when you sweat a lot, the sweat sticks to your scalp and does not spread over, when you do a ponytail.



Women with short hair can always opt for a pixie hai cut when it comes to the gym and workout. Hair can be shortened pixie style with clips and clutches. If you have a pixie haircut, then that's the best. With a pixie on top of the head, all head, hand and shoulder movements become easy and convenient.


Open Hair

Though this may sound not so comfortable; but some women really count on open hair as their most-preferred hairstyle for the gym. If you keep your hair open during the gym and workout, ensure it is properly combed and arranged. The hair should not fall on your face or distract you during exercise.


Hair Band

For those who like open hair during workout or gym - how about a hair band? A hair band keeps the hair in place and makes exercise a lot easier. You can be selective about the colour of your hair band; but ensure it is a pure cotton one for the gym.


Fringed Hairstyle

Those with hair fringes can flaunt it at the gym or during workout. While your fringe is in front, you can have a ponytail, bun or plait at the back. If you find your hair fringe to be disturbing your workout, then tuck it with a clip.

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Story first published: Tuesday, October 10, 2017, 19:30 [IST]
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