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Hair Colour Trends 2017

By Sindhuja Shekhawat

Hair colour is an integral part of any look. It brings out your personality, enhances your makeup and makes your outfit stand out. Picking out the right hair colour is as essential as picking out the right shade of a foundation.

It adds dimension to the hair and gives structure to the entire look. It has been an aspect of the wholesome beauty ideal since ancient times. Indian and Egyptian civilizations used henna to dye their hair. Henna is still used in India and the Middle East.

Since times immemorial, hair has been adorned and decorated in various ways. Hair colour has been a part of the hair adornments for ages now. The limitation of henna; however, is that it can provide only one shade. While that works great for some skin tones, it may not work as great for others.

Eugene Schueller overcame the limitation of henna and developed the first synthetic hair dye. It has been a colourful journey from then on. With a plethora of hair colour trends emerging and fading since then, here are a selected few that are standing out this season.


1. Rose Gold

It is a combination of pink and blonde. It came around last year and has stuck since then. Metallic rosy pink shining against a golden base certainly makes for a beautiful picture. Although this look is slightly high-maintenance, you should definitely try it once. If you have dark hair go for just the lengths, as dark hair will require a lot of bleaching. Excessive bleaching can be damaging at the roots. It is a comparatively a safer choice for those with lighter hair.


2. Hidden Highlights

This technique highlights the lower layers of the hair and graduates subtly to the outer layers. Giving the look of the colour naturally emerging from beneath the outer hair surface. This gives the hair a natural depth. This trend is very popular at the moment.


3. Hair Strobing

This style is similar to the natural highlights, but has a little extra something. There is a hint of metallic tone in the highlights, which makes them shine when light falls on them. This gives the hair a strobed effect.


4. Silver Blonde

This one is a tricky trend, quite high maintenance but if you get it right, it is totally worth it. It is a hit amongst celebrities and has been frequently spotted on the red carpet. It is comparatively easy to achieve this if you are naturally blonde. Those with darker hair need to go through a lot of bleaching and later toning sessions to get the look right. Nevertheless, if you are one for bold moves, go for it!


5. Mahogany

This is a mix of red and purple hues in varying proportions, depending on the person's skin tone and hair colour. Since it has both red and purple, it is suited for both cool and warm skin tones. This too has been a favourite this season. It is a versatile shade which looks good in many different styles from balayage to ombre.


6.Gray Lilac

This is a variation of the silver hair. It is more chalky than metallic and has a hint of violet in it. It is inspired by the grunge movement of the 80s. It is risqué but definitely striking. You can't miss it!



Two-tone hair is emerging to be ‘the' trend this year. Out-of-the-box shades are around like pastel pinks and lilacs and smokey grays. This is a futuristic style yet pretty easy to pull off. Combinations like black with blond, pink with blond or brunette, lilac with blond or orange are really in.


8. Nude Hair

Nude hair is another sizzling trend of 2017. It stands out due to its earthy tone, which is achieved by mixing different shades of blonde, both warm and cool. It is a flexible style which can easily be tweaked as per the need of the person. It is a neutral hue, therefore, forms the perfect backdrop for any kind of a makeup and outfit.


9. Metallic Hair

You read that right! Metallic hair is around, ladies. However, what is metallic hair? It is hair dyed with certain hues that reflect light in a manner similar to that of a metallic surface. It is garnering a lot of attention and rightly so. Many shades are available to suit different skin tones and are not as high maintenance as some of the other trends are, which have been around.


10. Pastel Hair

Pastel hair is the alter ego of metallic hair. It gives hair a chalky look that is perfect for breezy summer days. The chalkiness also helps in masking the hair grease, which troubles most of you, barring a few lucky ones, in the warm season. It is available in pretty shades like pink, blue, green and even yellow.

These styles are all different and unique and you can surely find the one that suits you best. The one that complements your skin and your personality is the one you should go for. So, get a hair makeover and make heads turn, people!

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Story first published: Thursday, May 25, 2017, 12:14 [IST]
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