Everyday Mistakes That Are Increasing Your Hair Fall Problems

In your attempt to do the best to your hair, you actually commit mistakes and that increase your hair fall problem. There are certain common everyday hair care mistakes that men and women repeat without knowing how much they are damaging their own hair. From shampooing to combing - there are some common hair care mistakes that we keep repeating either knowingly or unknowingly.

So that you can skip these hair care mistakes from now on and thereby step forward in protecting your hair, here is a list of the common hair care mistakes we need to avoid.

hair care mistakes
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Have a look at the list of common everyday hair care problems that need to be discontinued in order to save yourself from the increasing hair fall problem.

Over Using Of Hair Care Products

Over using of hair products at the same time on your hair is actually harmful. You should, in fact, stick to your own brand of hair products and use only the ones that are really required. Ensure you pick hair products that really benefit your hair.

Not Combing Your Hair The Right Way

It is very important that you comb your hair in the right way. Firstly, pick the right kind of comb or brush, depending on your hair type. The comb that best caters to all types of hair is a wooden one. Next, do not brush or comb too much when the hair is wet because this leads to breakage and increasing hair fall. Also, ladies specially have a tendency to comb only the ends of the hair and not the scalp. Note, combing the hair scalp is an exercise that stimulates hair growth.

Not Sizing Your Hair Sections Correctly

When it comes to sectioning or parting the hair, usually the tendency is to make fat sections that lead to increased hair fall. You should try and make thin hair sections such that all parts of the hair are well taken care of and this also lessens the scope of hair fall, keeping the hair manageable at every section. Thus, it is important that when you section or part your hair, you make it in small sections.

The Wrong Technique Of Shampooing Your Hair

You may wonder, what's new in hair shampoo but it is the art of hair shampooing that can change your hair fall game. Firstly shampoo the scalp by scrubbing it with your fingertips. Then, wash your hair thoroughly, so that no shampoo particles are left behind. After shampoo, for conditioning only do it on the shaft of the hair followed by thorough rinsing. Squeeze the extra water out and towel wrap the hair.

Sleeping With Wet Hair

Due to laziness, often both men and women sleep with wet hair, which increases the scope of hair friction with the bed and makes the hair turn very frizzy by next morning. The end result is extreme hair fall. The remedy to this everyday hair care mistake is, drying the hair completely before sleeping. For drying, the best is to use an old t-shirt. If you want the hair drying to happen faster, use a hair dryer.

Hair Fall Aces At Swimming Pool

No matter how much you wear a swimming cap, most of your hair damage happens when you are in the pool. As your hair is completely dry, it easily soaks the chemical composed water of the oil, which causes extra damage. To not allow this, dampen your hair a little before you step into the swimming pool. As your hair will be already wet, the swimming pool water will soak in less water.

Over Shampooing Or Over Conditioning Of The Hair

Over shampooing or over conditioning of the hair is another very common hair care mistake. Both shampoo and conditioner do not let the hair to retain its own moisture and essential oils. This makes the hair dry and frizzy. The solution is cut down on the number of times you shampoo or condition your hair. Yet to continue with the fancy look of your hair, you can always count on a dry shampoo.

Drying Your Hair

All of us use a big towel to dry our hair and this is a major mistake in hair care routine. The uneven fabric of the towel roughens the hair cuticle and leaves it frizzy. The alternative is towel wrapping your wet hair. After ten minutes, when the towel has soaked the extra water off your hair, use an old t-shirt to wipe your hair. After drying, ensure you comb your hair in the right way.

Brushing The Hair Before Washing It

Maximum hair tangles and damage happen on just-washed hair. When you try to comb your just-washed hair, there is maximum hair fall. So, from now on, comb your hair before you shampoo or wash it. If you wash the hair beforehand, the scope of hair tangling or uneven nature of the hair diminishes.

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    Story first published: Tuesday, September 12, 2017, 11:26 [IST]
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