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Everyday Bad Hair Habits That We Follow Unknowingly

Your everyday hair to-do like hair wash or hair oil sessions are healthy for your hair. But there are certain everyday habits that you follow for your hair, which are actually very harmful. As these bad hair habits are never pointed out, these are continued, expecting these to benefit our hair.

In reality, these bad hair habits are dangerous for your hair and should be discontinued as early as possible. These hair habits might have been followed from generations or from your childhood, but believe us, until you discontinue these bad hair care habits, you will never realise where you are going wrong.

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So, take a look at the bad hair care habits that you must discontinue as soon as possible in order to see a noticeable change in your hair texture and quality.


Using Hot Water

A hot water bath from top to toe is relaxing. But for your hair, hot water is just a curse. When all that you want is to get luscious and lengthy hair, discontinue using hot water on hair. This is because, hot water opens the pores and roots of the hair, which thereby captures more dust and pollution that ultimately prevents hair growth.


Not Following The Pre-Sleep Hair Ritual

Due to tiredness, often we go off to sleep letting our hair be with its tangles and mess. At this state, the hair remains in a constant intimacy with your bed, which further worsens the condition of the hair. Hence, before going to bed, ensure you reserve five minutes for your hair. In that time span, comb your hair, tie it if it's long and then go off to sleep. The best pre-sleep hair ritual is if you can oil massage your hair before going to sleep, followed by an early morning hair wash.


Concentrating Only On The Hair Tips

During hair care, it is often seen that we focus mostly on the hair tips. While applying oil or shampoo, we just massage it at the edge of the hair and this is quite wrong. In order to let your hair grow, you have to apply the hair products at the roots or scalp such that it penetrates into the hair follicles and thereby impacts hair growth. Topical application of hair products does not change the present status of the hair.


Going In For Excessive Hair Styling

Just to look good, men and women often go for hair-styling using electronic tools or hair gels. Though this is a requisite; at times, if it is done on a daily basis, the hair can give up. You have to make sure to give a good enough gap in between two hair-styling sessions.


Using Wrong Hair Products

A common way of buying hair products is, going by the brand, price or recommendation from a friend. Well, different hair types would require different brands and these must be used consistently. In fact, hair products should be used for quite some time to see a result. If you constantly change your hair products, they won't get the scope to react or work on your hair and thereafter, show a result. So, be patient, keep using the right hair product for your hair and you will surely experience amazing results.


Using A Towel On Hair

One of the wrong ways of treating hair is by using a towel to dry it. The material of the towel is not as soft as the one required for the hair. This increases the scope of tangles and hair problems. The remedy is, using an old t-shirt for drying your hair every time. An old t-shirt is soft and caters to all kinds of hair types and problems. When using an old t-shirt for the hair, please make sure that it is clean and frequently replaced with new ones.


Exposing Hair To Dust And Pollution

After a good hair wash session or hair treatment at the salon, when the hair looks prettier than its usual, a common tendency is to flaunt the hair either by keeping it open or experimenting with different hairstyles. This makes the hair get exposed to extra dust and pollution. The contrary good hair habit to this is to wrap the hair with a turban or scarf when out. This protects the hair from extreme natural calamities and thereby lets it grow.


No Post Workout Hair Treatment

The hair is maximum damaged after a workout/swimming/or any sports activity. Exactly like the body, the hair scalp gives out sweat and that makes the hair texture damp. Resolve this by opting for a quick hair care routine after a workout, swimming or any sports activity. This will not let the sweat to stay on the scalp or hair, letting it breathe and be on its own.

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