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Easy Hairstyles For College-going Girls That Promise An Impressive Look

Before going to the college, it is common especially for girl students to spend so much time in front of the mirror while getting ready. The aim is to look the best among all other students and carry a comfortable yet presentable look.

To get the right look for college, the hair plays a key role and it is important to go for a good hairstyle every day.

easy hairstyles for college girls

Not that you have to experiment with your hairdos daily, but the one you plan or opt for must be perfectly done at par with your college uniform or clothes. It should be at par with your face and also, be in acceptance of the college rules.

Before you start browsing now on what hairstyles can college girls opt for, check this exclusive list of eight trending hairstyles.

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From long to short hair, we've tried covering all kinds of hair types, so that every college-going girl gets a remedy for her hairdo right here.

Depending on the shape of your face and the length of your hair, you can count on any of these best hairstyles that are quite ideal for the college campus, which offer an impressive look for sure.

Pixie Haircut

If you think you want to invest the least time in hair care during your college days, then the pixie hairstyle is the one you can go for. Please do not mistake a pixie haircut for a boy cut, as you could try different variations with this. Very convenient to carry among the easy hairstyles for college girls, a pixie cut requires good combing session before you step out for college.

The Captivating Curls

Well, if you have god-gifted curls, trust me you are blessed with a hairstyle and thus, all you need to do is groom it well before you go to college. For college-going girls with straight hair who want curls, you could tie up your hair tight with plaits and leave them overnight and open the hair next day to enjoy pretty curls.

Semi-Curved Braid With Open Hair

Open hairstyle is good in college especially if you know how to manage it. To your open hairstyle, add a twist by doing a braid. This braid can be semi-curved in shape. Start it from the sides and follow the shape, as shown in the picture. The braid brings an attention to your straight hair and hardly takes time to do before heading to college.

Multiple Scrunchy Braid Style Ponytail

As the name says, to do this easy hairstyle, you would have to keep ready many scrunchies. Basically, you could divide your hair with scrunchies and make it look impressive. When going for this hairstyle, ensure that every time you put the scrunchy, it is fixed tight before you move to the next one.

The Favourite Fringe

All women like to play with their fringe style and you can make it really innovative before heading to college. The fringe can be well shaped by a salon haircut and might require little to-dos from your end as well. Coming to the fringe, there are many ways to play with it, other than the one shown in the picture. However, in case of a fringe style, you have to take care of it and keep it well groomed.

Forehead Braid Ending In A Messy Top Knot

Very viral on the internet, this hairstyle is really easy and quick to do. At the top of your head, you can start with a braid that ends at the back to a messy top knot or a bun. At the sides and back, some of the hair can remain open. This hairstyle is more ideal for college girls with long hair who'd want to flaunt it.

Sober Straight Hair

Irrespective of the length of your hair, in college you can just keep it open. The open hairstyle is never allowed in school and hence, college girls like going for this. However, do comb your hair thoroughly before going to college and try doing the same even in between your classes. If the straight hair is messy or looks frizzed out, then the hair can look very undesirable.

Two-In-One Braid And Ponytail Hairstyle

Another easy hairstyle for college girls is going for both a braid and ponytail at one go. If you are wondering how, then you have to start with a braid and end it mid way. The latter half of the braid can be kept loose to end as a ponytail. In this hairstyle, the braid can be styled in different ways on different days of the week.

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