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Disadvantages Of Hair Straightening You Need To Learn About, Before Going For It

Hair straightening is one of the quickest and trendiest ways women are opting for a quick makeover. Primarily, there are two kinds of hair straightening techniques followed - one, permanent hair straightening, which is possible only at a salon and is more like a treatment and two, temporary hair straightening that can be done both at the salon and home.

Whether you would want to opt for permanent or temporary hair straightening is your call - but, here are a list of shortcomings in the process of hair straightening that you need to be aware of.

No matter what the process is or with what expertise it is done, there are a few disadvantages of hair straightening, which we have listed below. So, take a read, before you opt for it.


No 'Permanent' Hair Straightening

Well, there is actually "NO" permanent solution for hair straightening. Even if you do the one in the salon, you have to be a regular visitor to the salon to maintain it. In fact, permanent hair straightening service available in salons is time consuming and it is not possible in one seating. Once done, in a month's interval, one has to visit the salon to redo the treatment and maintain the straightened hair.


Hair Straightening Is Expensive

There are different types in hair straightening like keratin treatment, hair rebonding and so on. Whichever you opt for, as mentioned earlier, it is not a permanent remedy in reality, as you have to get back to the salon to retouch it. Yet, these hair straightening services cost a bomb, as the salons use expensive equipment and ingredients during the process. So, before heading to the salon for straightening your hair, ensure you are all set for a big hole in your pocket.


Might Damage Your Hair

Hair straightening can actually damage your hair. During the process of hair straightening, hot metal plates are run through the hair, which takes off its natural moisture, making it dry and easily breakable. Next, the chemicals used in the process of hair straightening in salons include alkali creams, sodium products that are really not ideal for any kind of a hair.


Lack Of Nourishment For The Hair

During hair straightening, as heat runs over your hair, it does not let the natural nourishment of the hair to stay. To ensure that the hair continues to get its natural nourishment even during the process of hair straightening, you can apply some olive oil with your fingers. Instruct the same to your hair stylist and they can do the same in order to protect your hair. As olive oil is very light, it does not damage the texture of the hair and yet plays its own role on your hair.


Might Lead To More Of Dermatologist Visits

Even well-known hair stylists have records of burning the hair scalp while doing the hair straightening process. As the metal pad is really hot, you need to ensure that the hair straightening is happening slow and careful. Extra attention should be paid if you are using a hair straightener all by yourself. If your scalp gets burnt, it's a major accident that dermats alone can treat.

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Story first published: Thursday, September 7, 2017, 15:22 [IST]
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