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Check These Varied Hair Colouring Trends That You Can Count For Your Next Session

By Kripa Chowdhury

One of the contemporary ways to be counted among the fashionistas starts by colouring the hair. Young girls try getting rid of the black hair colour, while the elderly try covering their white ones.

Irrespective of the age, hair colouring is now a trend among women that has surpassed urban India and is making its way to rural areas as well. So, to remain on par with this trend of hair colours, if you are also planning for some painted strokes on your hair - how about trying the following styles?

Well-furnished salons offer these kinds of hair colouring options and you can go for the one that you think suits your look the best. So, spend time before going for the hair colour than feeling sad about it later. Have a look at the trending hair colours for women this season.


Global Colouring

If your aim is to just change your hair colour, then going for global coverage is best. Global hair colour means changing the existing colour to another colour of your choice. Depending on length, the global hair colour may take more than one session at the salon.


Highlighting Hair Colour

Among the hair colour for girls that has received maximum reception, highlighting or hair highlights is very popular. In this, some specific thin strands of hair are coloured and made to stand out from the rest of the hair. When going for hair highlights, try distributing the highlights all across the hair for a more glamorous look.


Going For Patterned Hair Colour

Instead of one hair colour, how about picking two or three and sequencing the colours all over the hair? This is referred to as patterned hair colour, where so many colours will be nicely arranged across the hair. In case of patterned hair colour, going for a light and dark colour at the same time adds to the style quotient.


Picking An Out-of-the-box Colour

While walking on the streets or in the office or college - nowadays, it is so common to see women with red or green hair. You can also do the same of painting your hair into an out-of-the-box colour. Be selective when deciding on the colour and ensure that the colour matches with your clothes and outlook. Out-of-the-box colours are only available at good salons.


Going Grey

The aim of your hair colour might be to add elegance to your look. In that case, going grey makes sense and is a good option for any profession that you are in. You can add some white highlights amidst your grey hair for added attention.


Be Blonde

If you want an international makeover, then going blonde makes sense. In case of blonde hair colour, salons usually start with a hair bleach, which might affect your hair quality. So, discuss with your stylist if the blonde hair colour would be safe to do and then go ahead. Blonde hair colour goes really great if you have a fair complexion.


Over Highlighted Hair Tips

One of the trending hair coluring styles is, painting only the tips. While the rest of the hair has the same colour, at the tips there is a highlighting colour in order to add to your persona. To do this, go to an expert hair stylist who rightly paints the exact point where you want the colour and does not mess with it.


Peek-a-boo Hair Highlights

This is similar to hair streaks where you do the colour on hair strands that are usually not visible. What happens is, when you move your hair or tie it - the highlights become visible. This is more quirky and looks good with both western and ethnic wear. So, if you're planning on going for a peek-a-boo hair colour, pick the right hair strands for that outstanding look.


Jet Jet Black

In case of elderly women who just got the first few strands of their white - they start missing their white hair. Others who have experimented enough with their hair colour might wish to just paint it black. For such women, going the jet-black-colour way is safe at any age and is good for any occasion.


Dual Colour

Split your hair into parts with a central or side parting and paint each side with one colour. The two colours you use to paint both the sides can be in contrast or of the same colour of different shades. Discuss with your hair stylist and then you can pick your two colours for this kind.

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Story first published: Thursday, June 15, 2017, 19:00 [IST]
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