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Amazing Hairstyles For Girls With Long Hair

By Riddhi

Growing your hair can be really difficult, but when you finally do manage to grow it, doesn't it look really pretty? Here are some hairstyles for girls with long hair, which would enhance your long hair look even more.

With long hair, you can pull off most hairstyles, and even if you leave it loose, it'll look really nice. But sometimes, it feels good to go the extra mile for that pretty look. And that means, hairstyles.

It is really important to take proper care of your hair for these hairstyles to look good, as unhealthy hair can never look nice. We've all been there.

Most of these hairstyles are very easy to do, while some of them may take some time. So, here are the hairstyles for girls with long hair. Do try them out!


1. Half Bun:

This style has become increasingly popular and is a really pretty and easy hairstyle for everyone to try, as it is so low maintenance.

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2. Messy Ponytail:

This is one of the best hairstyles for girls with long hair, as this takes very little time and you can just bunch up your hair into a ponytail and you'll be done.


3. Loose:

No one can go wrong leaving their long hair loose. Make sure that your hair is not frizzy when you are doing this style, as that can look just plain off.


4. Side Pins:

If you are one of those girls who hates having her hair touch her face, then pinning up your hair at the sides is the best option for you.

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5. Braid Crown:

This is the only slightly difficult hairstyle on this list. Basically, you make two tiny braids at the front and then bring them back and pin them together.


6. Half Updo:

This is a really simple and low maintenance hairstyle and even looks really pretty. It would take you a maximum of two minutes to get this hairstyle for long hair right.

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