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A Complete Guide On Anti-Ageing Of Hair

By Rima Chowdhury

Each one of us dreams to have healthy and gorgeous-looking hair. However, apart from the age factors, there are several other factors as well that can lead to ageing of hair.

Grey or white hair on the head can surely bring in us a lot of worry, as it is really unsightly. Many women struggle with having grey hair strands from an early age and hence it is important to take care of the hair at earliest.

Grey, dull, frizzing and thinning of hair are early symptoms of ageing of hair. Just like your skin, even your hair suffers due to several factors, thus leading to the ageing process.

If you are suffering from ageing of hair, where your hair is almost turning dull and lifeless, here we mention to you different tips on how to keep your hair to look younger and beautiful with simple remedies.


Prevent Using Excessive Shampoo

You should prevent using excessive shampoo on the scalp, as it may lead to whitening of the hair. Excessive use of shampoo not only leads to striping off the natural oil from the scalp, but it also dehydrates your hair.

Dehydrated scalp or excessive use of shampoo may lead to premature ageing of hair. Always make sure you use paraben-free shampoo to prevent hair damage.


Oil Massage

Massaging your scalp with oil can help to prevent ageing of hair. Take some olive oil and heat it for some time. Now massage your scalp with warm olive oil and leave it overnight.

Wash off the hair in the morning. Massaging your scalp can help to strengthen the hair roots. It keeps the scalp moisturised, thus preventing ageing signs to appear early.


Opt For A Green Diet

Taking a healthy diet not only helps your skin and body but it is extremely beneficial for your hair as well. 90 per cent of our hair is made of protein and hence intake of proper food is extremely important.

You should take a good amount of fresh fruits and veggies that can help to keep your hair young. Include more of green veggies, so that it prevents premature ageing of hair.


Say No To Heat-styling Tools

One common reason why most of us suffer from greying of hair is the excessive usage of styling machines. You should prevent heat on the scalp, as it may strip off the natural oil from the scalp, thus leaving your scalp dehydrated.

Using styling machines may be a primary reason behind dull and fall outs of hair. You should use styling machine once in a while and always remember to use a heat protecting spray on your hair.


Skip Shower Every Alternate Day

In order to maintain the shine on the hair, it is important to skip showering your hair every alternate day.

Do not wash your hair every day, as it may strip off the natural oil on the scalp. Washing your hair every day can cause an imbalance in your pH value of the scalp, hence avoid washing your hair every day

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