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8 Outrageous Hair Colour Experiments By Lady Gaga That Truly Rocked Every Bit

Hollywood pop-star Lady Gaga is famous for her beauty experiments, among which her trial for different hair colours makes her stand out among the other divas. Hair styling is an art and the leading pop-star gives us certain hair colour goals that would definitely make you look sassy; but all you need to do is carry it boldly like the lady herself does.

If you get your lessons right on carrying the experimental hair colours like Lady Gaga, you might become a celebrity yourself among your circle. All you need is some guts and the proper amount of confidence to flaunt the sassiest of hair colours around.

So, what are you waiting for? Hold on to your confidence, surf through her hairstyles, which we have listed below, and you might soon be a hairstyle inspiration for people around you.

We have picked up a few of Gaga's over-the-years' funkiest hair colours that need a whole lot of guts and proper hair styling from a very good hairstylist around you.

As a token of advice, use proper and professional colours as a precautionary move to make your hair look smashing. Go ahead, explore!


Pink Highlights

Lady Gaga has already gone through various hair colour changes in this year itself; but her best one was done earlier this year for the 59th GRAMMY Awards held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

She had done a platinum blonde base for her hair, which she reorganized with pink highlights. The dark roots and the sneak-a-peek pink highlights on the long and wavy hair looked amazing.


Warm And Cool Highlights

One of the swanky hair colours carried by Lady Gaga was the yellow and green highlights used on her platinum blonde hair colour base with black highlights in some places.

She carried this hair colour for a certain period of time and she totally ruled it like ever. The partial warm and cool tones on her Chinese fringe-cut hair made her look sexier.


Light Yellow Highlights

Lady Gaga wore this sassy hair colour with her blown-up wavy hairdo and she surely managed to carry it too well. The light yellow highlights and peek-a-boo green highlights converted the otherwise blonde base to a sassier one.

This surely is one of her sexiest experiments.


Golden Yellow Highlights

This highlighting was brighter as Gaga wore this Barbie doll-highlighted hair colour. The super bright yellow on the inner part of the hair to the edges of the otherwise blonde hair beautified the pop-star's look.

Especially with the fuschia pink lip colour, her hair colour looked even more gorgeous.


Shocking Pink Hair Colour

Talking about the pink lips going with the super bright yellow hair, it reminded us of her one of the best hair colours where she opted for a global pink hair colour on her wavy strands. The colour looked fabulous on her and the credit goes to her for carrying it in the best possible way.


Teal Hair

During one of her live performances, Lady Gaga wore this teal hair colour for her straightened hair and it looked amazing. Do not think that such hair colour would just do good on straight hair and not on curls or wavy hair.

Gaga looked super hot in the teal global hair colour and we loved it.


Blue Wedges

If you think it is this year's trend, of having your hair wedges dyed, you are wrong. Lady Gaga did it a few years back and has pinned a hairstyle goal for the rest. This hairstyle where Gaga dyed her entire hair with powder pink highlights over her white coloured hair base and the blue hair wedges can remind us of one sassy DC Comics character - Harley Quinn.


Black And White Separates

Lady Gaga opted for this dual-toned hair colour for one of her sassiest hairstyles and she definitely succeeded in meeting her point. She wore this partially black and partially white hair colour on a bob-cut hair with Chinese fringes. This hair experiment was stunning indeed!

Story first published: Tuesday, August 8, 2017, 16:30 [IST]
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