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Why You Must Not Wash Your Hair Every Day

By: Ajanta Sen
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Do you wash your hair every single day? Well, then you might not be aware of the fact that there are numerous reasons why you should not wash your hair every day.

Renowned professional hairstylists also suggest that you don’t have to wash your tresses every single day.

Depending on various factors such as the thickness of your hair, hair type, etc, the stylists can suggest you on how many days you can go without washing your mane.

Since different people have different hair types, some people may benefit from washing hair every day, whereas others may not. So, the best you can do is to keep experimenting with whatever suits you the best.

However, this article emphasises on why you can't wash your hair every day; and in this regard, below are the top 7 reasons why you should not wash your hair every day:


Hair Will Be Less Exposed To Heat

Heat is definitely bad for your tresses. Whenever you wash your hair, you blow dry your hair quite often due to lack of time, which causes hair breakage and results in a lifeless hair.

If you don't wash your hair daily, it means that there will be less use of hair dryers, which also means that there will be less heat on your hair and this will eventually extend your hair's life.


Hair Colour Will Be Retained

One of the 7 reasons why you can't wash your hair every day is that, if you have coloured tresses then washing your hair daily can fade your hair colour.

Moreover, colouring is expensive also, so it is better to skip washing your hair quite often. Skipping hair wash very often will help you preserve your hair colour for a longer time.


Product Build-up Will Be Less

Some people believe that if you don't wash your hair daily, it will increase the oil build-up. However, this belief is totally wrong. Sometimes, the greasiness of the hair is not due to dirty hair or natural oils, but it is due to the product build-up resulting from styling and washing hair.

Start giving longer gaps between two washes and you will notice that your hair will still look less greasy.


Natural Oil Of Your Hair Will Be Preserved

One of the various reasons why you should not wash your hair every day is to protect the natural oils present on your scalp and hair. These natural oils give your hair a natural shine, other than any other styling product.

Thus, it is better not to remove these natural oils by washing your hair daily.


Hairstyling Becomes Easier

The day when you don't rinse your locks, your curls remain in position even better. Moreover, hairstyling also becomes easier, and you can comb your hair into a bun or a ponytail more easily.

Many professional stylists also suggest coming to the saloon with an unshampooed hair before getting a nice hair-do.


Better Appearance Of Your Hair

Your hair appears much better on the day after you miss a wash. This is also one of the 7 reasons why you should not wash your hair every day. After skipping a wash, the next day you don't have to be worried about your dry or frizzy mane.

Even if it looks a bit oily, you can just apply some baby powder and trust us it will look great.


You Can Save Money

Washing your hair less means using less conditioner, shampoo, hair appliances and styling products, which means that you can save more money. This is also among the top 7 reasons why you should not wash your hair every day.

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Story first published: Tuesday, January 26, 2016, 22:00 [IST]
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