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Which Hair Styling Brush Is Right For Your Hair?

By Rima Chowdhary

There are many tools available in the market, but it is vital to invest in the right kind of tool to enhance your look. This article lists the types of hair styling brushes that'll perfectly suit your hair.

Just like we said, you should spend on a correct and proper type of comb to make your hair look good and maintained all the time.

You will know the importance of using the right kind of hair brush after you start brushing your wet hair with a paddle brush and end up with nothing but more hair loss.

Surely, you cannot use any hair brush at any time. There are different varieties of brushes available in the market that are to be utilized according to the hair condition.

Most of the hair stylists use more than five brushes at a time because it will help them to give anyone a flawless look.

Here, we introduce you to top 7 hair styling brushes that you should be using, check them out.


1. A Wet Brush

The name explains itself; the wet brush is used to brush your wet hair. This brush is specially designed to remove the tugs quickly, without giving rise to hair fall. This is particularly used by girls who often end up tangling their hair after a hair wash. Getting a good quality wet brush can help to comb your wet hair easily.


2. The Tail Comb

The tail comb is also known as rat tail comb which is used to section your hair properly. To get proper and clean parts, tail combs are extremely essential. For a woman who often opts for hairstyles and such, using tail comb can help to achieve the goal quickly. You can do the zig-zag style or straight one using a tail comb with no trouble at all.


3. A Round Brush

If you have a good hair volume, a round blush is enormously useful while you blow out your hair. A round brush is available in different sizes in the market, which can be used to get curls. From small to large, you can pick up the right kind of round brush according to your hair volume and length.


4. The Paddle Brush

The paddle brush is used after blowouts to achieve moderate setting. With this brush, you wouldn't need to spend a lot of time to beat the frizz and wave as well. A paddle brush is available with various styling kit that helps to give you proper hair setting after a blowout.


5. A Wide-Toothed Brush

If you are in a hurry to comb your hair as soon as you come out of a shower, a wide-toothed brush is the best kind to be used. It helps to remove plenty of tugs or pulls in between, which avoids the hair from getting tangled with each other. Using the wrong kind of brush can lead to hair fall; and hence it is important to pick up the right type here. You should apply little of serum and then comb your hair with a wide-toothed brush.


6. A Teaser Brush

The teaser brush is a unique brush, which is used to make happy knots in the head. This is because without these knots, hair wouldn't have enough volume; and the updos you want wouldn't come through as full-size and neat. The teaser brush is used for the crown area and helps to make your hair look voluminous.


7. A Vented Brush

A vented brush is a boon to all those who have less time in the morning and want to set their hair in less than a minute. A vented brush has bristles that spread the hair and allows the heat from the dryer to penetrate deeply and dry the hair soon. This is one of the best brushes that can be used to get proper hair in just less than a moment. Make sure you use the wet brush and a wide-toothed brush before to remove the tangles.

These were some of the different types of hair styling brushes that are available in the market. Which one would you choose to use for your styling? Let us know by commenting below.

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