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What To Do When Your Hair Starts To Smell?

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Unfortunately, it isn't always possible to wash your hair regularly, and this leads to it sometimes becoming smelly. That's not very nice, is it? So, we'll tell you what to do when your hair starts to smell.

Smelly hair can be quite a turn off, especially if you're going out or have a big date coming up. Yikes!! It is worse if the date is sudden and requires you to leave at really less time's notice. But with these hacks, your hair would never smell bad.

These are all very simple hacks and are not really substitutes to washing your hair, even though some of us would like to go a few days without a hair wash. So, yes, even on days when you just can't wash your hair, these hacks are all amazing options.

With these hacks, your hair would smell amazing for sure. These are only for when your hair smells bad if you haven't washed it for too long. If your hair smells bad right after you wash it, then you probably have some scalp infection and hence it's best to get it tested at the earliest.

So, here are the hacks to good smelling hair, take a look.

1. Dry Shampoo: Dry shampoo is one of the best ways to make your hair look and feel fresher easily. Most of them are scented, so that should give you a good boost of fragrance.

hacks to good smelling hair

2. Perfume: Don't spray the perfume directly on your hair, or anywhere near the scalp, as it can block out hair follicles. Spray it on your neck and ear lobes, as this gives an allusion that your hair smells nice.

hacks to good smelling hair

3. Body Spray: Body spray can be used on your hair. Although again not on the scalp. This will make your hair smell nice for a long time, and hair absorbs the smell, so the scent would last a lot longer.

hacks to good smelling hair

4. Baby Powder: Baby powder is mostly used as a substitute to a dry shampoo. It is a quick and an easy way to fresher good smelling hair. This will leave the amazing, subtle scent of baby powder behind. Remember to sprinkle a little bit on your scalp in order for the scalp to absorb it.

hacks to good smelling hair

5. Leave-in Conditioner: Most leave-in conditioners have a really nice smell, but be sure to apply it only on your ends, as applying it near the roots can make your hair a lot more greasy.

hacks to good smelling hair

6. Body Lotion: Grab any scented body lotion and run a few drops of it along the length of your hair, and voilà, gorgeous-smelling tresses it is! That's how to make the hair smell good with easy hacks.

hacks to good smelling hair
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Story first published: Tuesday, November 22, 2016, 17:00 [IST]
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