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What Happens When You Tie Your Hair Too Tight?

By Riddhi

Did you know that something as basic as tying your hair can cause you problems? Here, we will be telling you what happens when you tie your hair too tight or even for too long.

Everyone ties their hair, and no one would ever think that it could be potentially damaging to the hair. But, alas, too much of one thing is always bad, regardless of what it is.

Tying your hair is obviously very important, as hair tends to get in your face when you are trying to work or go for a run or do any other physical activity. Most of the times, people get bothered by their hair on really hot days or when they are working.

It is just impossible to deal with hair that tickles your neck and back when all you're trying to do is to focus on your work. So, the most natural thing that most women come up with is to tie their hair.

Most often, you tie your hair at the same spot. However, we'll let you know on what happens when you tie your hair. So, keep reading to find out how this is bad for your hair.

1. Weakens The Hair: Constantly tying your hair at the same spot can weaken it at that area, making it more susceptible to hair breakage.

2. Causes Breakage: Wearing your hair high up can cause it to break when you finally do let it loose. We all have seen strands of hair falling along with the rubber band we use, which can really break our heart at times.

3. Permanent Indentation: A tight rubber band would leave a permanent indentation or a mark on your natural hair length. That is why, it is really important to keep switching the spot where you tie your hair.

4. Leave It Loose At Night: Always leave your hair loose and untied when you go to sleep, since rolling around in the pillow can tug at your hair, causing friction.

5. What Happens When You Tie Wet Hair: Wet hair is a lot weaker than dry hair, and the elastic from the hair tie can be more damaging to the hair when wet.

6. Can Lead To Maximum Damage: Let your hair lie loose and have its lazy days as much as possible. Leaving it loose is the best option for hair, as this causes minimum breakage.

7. Other Options To Avoid Damage: Try to do your hair in different styles and not just ponytails. Braids and loose buns can be less damaging for your hair.

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Story first published: Monday, November 7, 2016, 17:00 [IST]
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