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Turn Your Grey Hair To Black With These Remedies


Grey hair is surely not the blessing of a grandparent. It is the most annoying thing which can make a good-looking mane look sick and disgusted. Grey hair is also a common hair problem most of us suffer from and to be precise, it is the second biggest problem for all working men and women who suffer from a ripe age.

Getting rid of this grey ugly looking hair, most of us turn to an easy way out which is dye and hair colour. Unfortunately if you are young and want to keep your hair black, try to avoid using any chemicals to dye that old strands. Home remedies are simply the best and easy to use. Today, Boldsky has shared with you some of the best remedies to turn grey hair to black.

If you look at these tips you will see that it is definitely easy to use and not at all time consuming. So, drop what your doing right now, head to the bathroom and go turn your hair black by using these very effective home remedies:


Black Tea Hair Mask:

If you make it a habit to wash your hair with black tea, you will soon start to see a difference in your hair colour. Together with turning the grey or white hair black, the tea will also make your hair shine beautifully and naturally.


Get That Almond Massage:

After coconut oil, the best oil to use on your hair is almond oil. If you have stubborn strands of grey hair turn them black by massaging the scalp and the roots with hot almond oil. The presence of vitamin E present in the oil will improve the hair growth and promote thicker and black hair.


That Potato Mask:

To turn your grey hair to black, all you need to do is boil one raw potato and wash your tresses with the juice that is left behind. When dry pamper your hair with a curd mask and after 10 minutes rinse it well with warm water.


Ribbed Gourd Mask:

The best remedy to turn your grey hair to black is to follow this awesome trick. Boil ribbed gourd with coconut oil. When done, ,mash the vegetable with the coconut oil and evenly apply the mixture to the hair. After 5 uses you will see the amazing change.


Black Coffee:

Apply the liquid of the black coffee directly on the hair starting from the roots to tips, if you want to naturally turn the grey hair to black in no time. However, this tip takes a longer time to make the hair black, but it is effective and very safe to use.


The Indian Gooseberry:

This is a natural dye which can turn white hair to black. All you need to do is Boil gooseberries in water and mash them to form a paste. Apply directly to the scalp. Repeat the remedy thrice in the month to see your white hair turning black and beautiful.


Oat Mask:

Oats are loaded with the goodness of biotin which provides a deep and dark colour to the hair. This natural remedy is also good for treating dandruff as it scientifically reduces the production.

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Story first published: Thursday, February 18, 2016, 17:00 [IST]
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