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South Indian Bridal Hairstyles We Are Totally Drooling After!

By Kumutha

If you want to experience explosion of culture, mind-boggling foodogasm and soak your eyes to beauties regaling in silk pattu and fragrant jasmine flowers, head to a South Indian wedding!

It is a grand display of culture at its best! And people in horde, with bated breath, wait to see one thing - the bride. Her richly embellished Kanjeevaram saree, intricately crafted gold jewellery, and of course, the highlight of any South Indian wedding - her bridal hairstyle.

There was once a time when many aunts, sisters and mother of the bride used to come together, hand-pick the flowers, sit in the verandah and manually craft the "jadai", also known as the bridal headpiece.

It would roughly take 24 hours or more, depending on how elaborate the patterns were. As the time went by, the traditional jadai evolved to become more contemporary.

Where once only flowers were used, now bejeweled broaches are woven in, sometimes with the flowers, other times the jadai are designed with just the broaches!

However, one thing remained the same, and that is the exquisiteness or the grandeur of the headpieces, which never diminished, if anything, it only magnified with time.

South Indian bridal hairstyles are sheer work of delicate art, and this wedding season, how could we stay away from exploring such an art!

Here are our hand-picked bridal South Indian hairstyles that we just can't get enough of! Take a look.

# Style 1 - A traditional jadai created with jasmine, roses and golden jerry work, designed to compliment the bridal saree!

#Style 2 - High bun encircled with a jasmine mandala, and braid adorned with ruby and gold broach woven in a long chain! A classic mirage of simplicity and elegance!

#Style 3 - A low bun encircled with jasmine and pink lotus garland. And star-shaped broaches woven into the long braid.

#Style 4 - A hairstyle popular in Kerala. This hairstyle involves layers and layers of jasmine mandala tempering down to ruby and gold broaches bordered with jasmine flowers!

#Style 5 - Taking on a more contemporary approach, this hairstyle includes red rose layered ring of 3 half crowns on the scalp and intricately woven rose and jasmine mesh to cover the braid!

#Style 6 - High bun encircled with a thick rose mandala, followed by two thinner jasmine mandalas and an intricately crafted oxidized broach in the centre of the bun, proceeded by a Chandra-shaped broach to go in the braid!

#Style 7 - Back of the head completely covered in jasmine flowers, and a thick rope of jasmine delicately draped around the braid and the gaps in between filled with broaches!

#Style 8 - If sheer grandeur is what you are opting for, we suggest you go for this look, done only in exquisitely crafted temple-design hair jewellery!

#Style 9 - If you want to steer clear from traditional long jadai, we suggest you go for this high bun, encircled with two thick mandalas of jasmine and 1 diamond broach!

#Style 10 - We love this low key typical Brahmin hairstyle, done only with ruby and diamond encrusted half moon broach on the braid, a full circular colourful diamond embedded broach to go in the centre of the bun and minimal rose adornment!

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Story first published: Friday, November 11, 2016, 13:00 [IST]
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