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Smart Tips To Tame Frizzy Hair Every Girl Must Know!

If you are someone who has rough, frizzy hair, then surely you would be quite exasperated trying to tame the frizz, right? Well, there are certain smart yet simple tips that can help reduce frizz!

Yes, woes for frizzy, rough hair can be many. However, one must not lose hope, after trying every trick out there that promises to help you control frizziness, in vain.

It is understandable that people with frizzy hair can feel quite frustrated, as their hair seems to look unkempt and messy, no matter what they do.


No hairstyle seems to look neat on people with frizzy hair and we may usually end up looking like wild and messy cats, straight out of the bed!

That is surely not an ideal look, especially when you want to attend an interview or an important meeting at work and of course not when you are going on a date, right?

So, if you want to tame your frizzy locks and you have already tried all the tricks in the book, then here are a few smart tips that can help you tame your frizzy hair better, have a look.

Tip #1


An unusual tip to reduce frizzy hair is to use soap foam to tame the frizz, by applying just a little bit on your hair, as soap foam can keep your hair in place for a while!

Tip #2

Applying lip balm on the frizzy parts of your hair can also work as a quick-fix remedy to tame frizzy locks, especially when you are on the go and forgot your hair serum at home!

Tip #3

Another way to control frizzy hair is to rub a few drops of olive oil on your palms and then apply it on to your hair. This way, your hair will remain in place for a few hours!

Tip #4

When you are having a bad hair day and you are unable to tame your frizzy locks, just braid your hair tightly for a few hours; and when you undo it, you can notice a reduction in the frizziness.

Tip #5

Yet another hair care tip for frizzy hair includes applying a bit of moisturiser on to your hair, when it is extremely dry and when you cannot find your regular hair serum.

Tip #6

If you want to have frizz-free hair for a longer period of time, invest in some good anti-frizz hair serums that are made of natural ingredients like avocado or shea butter.

Tip #7

Another tip to maintain frizzy hair is to use a good conditioner after you shampoo and apply a leave-in conditioner while your hair is still wet.

Tip #8

Wearing your hair in a tight bun for a couple of hours, while it is still wet, can also reduce frizziness.

Tip #9

Applying conditioner to your hair, prior to a workout session, and washing it later with a shampoo can also help tame frizzy locks, as the sweat produced helps your hair to absorb the conditioner well.

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Story first published: Wednesday, October 5, 2016, 9:00 [IST]
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