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Simple Tips To Apply Hair Dye

By Debdatta Mazumder

Are you tired of looking at your grey hair? Do you feel the need to have black hair again, just like how you had in your younger years? If the answer to both of the questions was a complete YES, then dying your hair can help you here.

From hiding the grey locks to turning your black hair into sexy burgundy, hair dyes can work like magic for you. Therefore, to go for a makeover and look gorgeous, follow some simple tips to apply hair dye.

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Before following the steps to apply hair dye at home, you obviously want to know why you should do all the messy things at home, as there are numerous parlours out there to help dye your hair, right?

Yes, you can go to those parlours, but doing it at home means you can relax in your own way and do it as per your wish. But, it does help you save a lot of money and your time as well.

The saloons provide customised services, but they are immensely costly. So, why spend those bucks when you can have a look at these easy steps to apply hair dye?

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Primarily, it may seem hard and tricky, but if you know the real tricks of applying hair dye at home, you can get gorgeous hair and a changed look. So, here are the steps to apply hair dye at home. Follow them carefully.

1. Clean Your Hair: This is the basic trick before you start applying a hair dye. Hair colour won't stick on dirty hair. So, wash you hair thoroughly, a day prior to dying your hair. If you are washing and dying on the same day, make sure to dry your hair completely before applying the hair dye.

2. Go Through The Instructions: If you are a pro or a novice, instructions must be followed. Different types of colours have separate instructions on the package. Go through the instructions, mentioned on the package and follow them accordingly.

3. Mix The Colour Thoroughly: While looking for simple tips to apply hair dye, this is the most important tip you must remember. Take a plastic bowl and a wide-spreading brush. Now, pour an adequate amount of hair colour and water/soluent and mix it well. Make sure you have enough colour for all of your hair.

4. Comb Your Hair Well: Tangled hair won't get a good colour. So, before applying the hair dye, comb your hair well and remove all the tangles. Thus, your hair will hold the colour perfectly. This is definitely one of the effective and simple tips to apply hair dye.

5. Colour Your Hairline: After using the hair dye, you definitely don't want people to see the original colour of your hair. To avoid this, you should start colouring your hairline first. Use the hair dye and apply it at ½ inch of your hairline and then proceed.

6. Apply Dye On Either Sides By Parting Hair: Don't start colouring by sectioning your hair. Part your hair from the middle and apply one layer on both parts. Now, lift the left part to the side and repeat the process.

7. Colour Rest Of the Hair: Now, this is difficult to do alone, especially if you have long hair. You can ask anyone to help you with this at home. Now, divide hair into little sections and apply the colour well, so that the outer and inner parts get equally coloured.

8. Heat Is Important: Once you're done colouring your hair, you should keep your hair warm for at least 45 minutes. So, wear a shower cap and relax. You can also use a hair drier, but shower cap is the best way.

9. Wash Thoroughly: Use a colour-protection shampoo and conditioner to wash your hair. As the hair dye can damage your scalp and hair, make sure you use a mild shampoo and conditioner and a good quality hair dye.

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Story first published: Sunday, August 7, 2016, 13:00 [IST]
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