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7 Handy Tricks From Your Kitchen For Frizz-Free Hair

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Nothing spells disaster for your hair, the way dry, frizzy and tangled hair does! And as much as we lap up our tresses with leave-in conditioners and hair gels, it can only help so much.

Dry and frizzy hair is like a desperate call for some much-needed nourishment. So, let us first understand why exactly our hair frizzes out.

Frizziness of the hair occurs when your dry and porous hair sucks up the moisture in the air, causing the hair shaft to swell.

And external factors such as excessive humidity, swimming in chlorinated water, exposure to heating tools and chemicals in hair care products contribute towards the condition.

Now, there are two ways you can address the condition. First, sign up for a weekly spa session and blow out a big chunk of your paycheck OR, second, be smart and use natural ingredients around your kitchen that can do the job just as well.

Hence, we have listed out 7 natural remedies to tame your frizzy hair and give it that glossy soft feel you've always wanted. Take a look.


Soda Water

Carbonated water or soda water has a low pH level, which can smoothen out those fly aways. Rinse your hair with soda water after shampooing. It will smoothen your hair, making it soft and glossy. Do this regularly to get good results. Avoid this technique if you have a scalp rash.



Avocado has a strong amount of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E that can restore the lost moisture in your hair, while strengthening it from the roots.

Mix 1 mashed avocado with a few drops of olive oil. Whisk until it gets a smooth consistency. Apply it through your scalp and hair. Leave it on for 30 minutes, thereafter wash it with a mild shampoo.


Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is packed with potassium and acetic acid that can help repair your damaged hair, making it lush and smooth.

Dilute apple cider vinegar with an equal amount of water. After shampooing, rinse your hair thoroughly with this solution. Let it rest for 15 minutes. Later, wash your hair with cold water.



Beer contains vital minerals, vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants that can literally perform magic on your lifeless, dull hair.

Dilute 1 cup of beer with half a cup of water, and rinse your hair with this solution. Let it sit for ten minutes. Rinse it clean with cold water. Repeat this method once a week for best results.



Packed with proteins, mayonnaise can give your hair the moisture layer it requires to keep it frizz-free, shiny and soft.

Mix ¼th cup of mayonnaise with 1/3rd cup of almond oil and one egg white. Mix until all the components combine well. Apply the mask through your scalp and hair. Wrap your head in a shower cap. Let the mask sit for 20 minutes. Later, rinse your hair well with a mild shampoo.


Lemon Juice

Your hair tends to become dull and limp, mainly due to the chemical build-up in your scalp. Lemon juice contains an ample amount of vitamin C and citric acid that strip the scalp of its build up, soothe inflammation, while keeping the frizz in check.

Immerse a cotton ball in some freshly squeezed lemon juice. Gently dab it on to your scalp and hair. Let it sit for a few minutes and later rinse it clean. Enjoy silky smooth tresses on regular application.



Honey is like a boon to your dull and damaged hair. Packed with vital vitamins and minerals, honey can provide the hair shafts that intense pump of a moisturiser that they need.

Mix two tablespoons of honey with 4 cups of warm water. Rinse your hair with this solution. Let it sit for a while. Later, follow it up with your regular shampoo and conditioning.

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Story first published: Friday, August 12, 2016, 15:00 [IST]
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