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Protein Hair Masks That Will Reduce Hair Fall In Seven Days

By: Debdatta Mazumder

If your hair is getting dry and damaged and your regular shampoo and conditioner are not helping at all, you need to supply protein elements to your scalp and hair. Like your body, your scalp and hair also need protein nourishment. Therefore, you need to go best protein hair masks that will reduce hair fall in a matter of days.

Now, before using protein masks to reduce hair fall, you should know the significance of using such hair masks. There are numerous benefits of using protein masks for your hair.

If your hair is dry and damaged, masks like egg and yogurt or banana can effectively help in treating dull lifeless hair.

Also, these masks make your hair soft and frizz-free, so that your hair won’t get brittle while combing.You can buy protein-based packs from any beauty stores, but why not try homemade remedies for yourself that are handy, right at the comfort of your home, right?

The causes of hair fall vary from person to person. If dandruff is the reason for hair loss in some, dry and damaged hair is the reason for others.

To treat split ends, breakage and hair fall, you should use these 7 protein hair masks that will reduce hair fall in just seven days. Yes, you read that right! So, read on to know more.


Egg & Yogurt Mask

Take ¼th cup of yogurt and add one egg to it. You can also add ¼th cup of mayonnaise into it. Whip up the egg to make it frothy. After whipping the mixture well, apply this mask evenly on your scalp and hair. Wash after an hour using a baby shampoo.


Mayonnaise Mask:

To provide enough protein and moisture to your dry and damaged hair, this is an easy home remedy with protein hair masks. Clean your hair and apply mayonnaise directly on wet hair. Concentrate mainly on the ends of your hair instead of roots if you have thin hair. Wash after 30 minutes and get soft and smooth hair instantly.


Avocado & Coconut Milk Mask:

The green fruit provides protein and other nutrients to your hair while coconut oil keeps the moisture balance perfect. Scoop out the green flesh and make a pack with fresh coconut milk. Apply thoroughly and wait for 20-30 minutes. Wash it off. This will give you visible results by controlling hair fall within a week.


Banana Mask

This is an old but effective hair pack to control hair fall. Take ripe bananas according to the length of your hair and smash the fruit well. You can add in some honey or olive oil if your hair is too dry. Apply well and cover your head with a shower cap. Wash it off with a mild shampoo after an hour.


Almond Oil & Olive Oil:

Oil treatment is one of the most effective protein masks for your hair. Besides, these oils contain vitamins E and D that are also necessary to get healthy hair. Mix these oils and gently massage it on to your scalp and hair. You will get better results if you keep this hair mask overnight.


Oatmeal Hair Mask:

You will need oatmeal and milk of the same amount, according to the length of your hair. Make a thick paste. Brush your hair well before applying this protein hair mask. Now, wait for 20-25 minutes and wash it well with a mild shampoo. It will make the hair roots strong and automatically reduce hair fall.


Coconut Oil Mask:

There's no doubt about the effectiveness of this protein hair mask. For this, you have to take some coconut oil and warm it. Use this hot oil treatment before going to bed.

Wash your hair the next morning. You can add vitamin E capsule into the oil as well. This mask is effective in nourishing, conditioning and repairing damaged hair.

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