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Is Your Hair Smelling Bad? It's Time You Treat This Issue Now!

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Sometimes, your hair can start smelling really bad and you don't understand exactly what is causing it. The tips that have been listed below can help you combat the problem of smelly hair at any time!

Smelly hair is a problem that is associated with an unpleasant odour from the scalp and hair. It can arise mostly from poor hygiene. It affects people of all age groups, and sometimes, it also affects people even if they are following the most stringent of hygiene practices.

It is a condition that is most common with people who have oily hair, as oily hair tends to attract environmental pollutants and dust a lot more than other hair types. The environmental factors, combined with the oil in the scalp, produce that unpleasant odour.

A few more deep-rooted problems leading to smelly hair could be hormonal issues, stress, unhealthy diet and even fungal infections.

But, not to worry, you can use some natural remedies to help you get rid of the bad smell on your hair. These are all natural remedies and they would make sure your scalp remains stink free! So, take a look.

1. Lemon Juice: Lemon juice can naturally cleanse the scalp and leave the hair clean and fresh smelling. It is one of the most effective remedies when dealing with a smelly scalp. Apply lemon juice on your scalp and hair and leave it on for 15 minutes, then wash it off.

what to do with bad smelling hair

2. Apple Cider Vinegar: This vinegar works to get rid of product buildup and excessive grease on the scalp and hair. It even adds shine and gets rid of frizz. Mix apple cider vinegar with water and use it on your scalp. Use a very tiny amount on your hair as well and then wash and condition once it dries.

what to do with bad smelling hair

3. Baking Soda: This is one of the most common remedies for any type of an odour. It reduces oiliness of the scalp and immediately helps with the problem of bad smell. Mix baking soda and water and use this as a substitute to your regular shampoo.

what to do with bad smelling hair

4. Tea Tree Oil: This oil has microbial properties that help get rid of smell on the scalp by getting rid of scalp infections and even dandruff. The best way to use tea tree oil for this is to add a few drops of the oil to your everyday shampoo.

what to do with bad smelling hair

5. Neem: Neem, or Indian lilac, has many antibacterial and antifungal properties. Make a paste out of soaked neem leaves mixed with water and then apply it on your scalp. Leave it on for half an hour and then wash it off with your shampoo.

what to do with bad smelling hair

6. Orange Peel: What to do with bad-smelling hair? Simple. Rub an orange peel slice on your scalp for that fresh citrusy smell. This smell lasts even after you shampoo your hair, so that your hair smells fresh all day long.

what to do with bad smelling hair

7. Vodka: Fill a spray bottle with one part of vodka and three parts of water. Spray this on your hair once every week after washing. This helps eliminate the odour really well.

what to do with bad smelling hair

8. Cinnamon: Cinnamon has anti-inflammatory properties that help in getting rid of scalp infections that could be causing a bad odour. With this remedy for smelly hair, you can breathe free and be less worried about the hair problem.

what to do with bad smelling hair
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Story first published: Friday, October 14, 2016, 15:00 [IST]
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