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How To Curl Hair Without Heat Overnight

By Riddhi

Most people we talk to, want natural looking curls, but they do not wish to use a curling iron. So on this post we will tell you how to curl hair without heat overnight.

While straight hair is amazing too, and looks sleek and polished, it can get a tad bit boring at times, right? So, for times when you're bored of your hair, and wish to kick things up a bit, we bring you ways to get curls without using curlers.

Most people are aware of using curling irons to get curls, but a lot of people would be uncomfortable using curling irons or any heat styling tools. These are potentially damaging to the hair and the long term effects of using these can be really dangerous to the hair and cause hair to become dry, brittle and damaged.

So that is why we bring you easy steps on how to curl your hair without heat overnight. These may not be as quick as the curling iron, but they are equally effective.

Here are the ways on how to curl hair without heat at home!


1. Braids:

Braiding your hair will give you the most natural looking curls out of all the ways on how to curl your hair without heat overnight. Just tie your hair into tiny braids, depending on how you want your curls to look, apply a serum and leave it on overnight. Wake up to amazing curly hair.


2. T-shirt:

Cut up strips of an old T-shirt and twist up your hair using those strips to tie the twists. This is one of the less simple ways on how to curl your hair without heat at home, but it gives marvellous results. You'd be left with bouncy curls.


3. Coconut Oil:

Did you know that just a few drops of coconut oil can work as a really good leave in conditioner? Be careful to use only a few drops, else it can make your hair too greasy; after this twist your hair and tie as many buns as you can. Loosen the buns in the morning and you'll see perfect curls.


4. Sea Salt Spray:

Make your own sea salt spray by mixing a few tablespoons of sea salt with water. Put this in a spray bottle and shake well every time before you use it. This would give you soft waves and is such a neat and simple way on how to get curls without curlers.


5. Rollers:

And, of course, if you aren't using heat for curls, then you can use rollers. People used to rely on just this method earlier to get curls. It is by far one of the safest ways to get curls without heat.


6. Twist:

Twist different sections of your hair and tie them up using either bobby pins or hair ties. Keep this on overnight and then you'll wake up to bouncy and wavy hair.


7. Hair Band:

For a more retro feel to your curls, use a cloth hair band to twist up and fold your hair from underneath on to the band. Sleep with your hair like this and wake up to gorgeous curls!

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Story first published: Tuesday, December 13, 2016, 17:00 [IST]
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