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How To Style Unwashed, Greasy Hair

By Riddhi

Greasy hair is often inevitable. We are either too lazy to wash our hair, or too sick, or may be it's just our busy schedules that is keeping us away from that shampoo bottle. Whatever it is, some days it's impossible to wash our hair. That's why, we'll be teaching you ways to style unwashed hair and hairstyles for greasy hair.

Greasy hair can look flat and limp, so leaving it open is not really an option. Plus, the scalp area looks oilier than the rest of the hair. So, it makes hair look even more unruly. What do you do when you have greasy hair?

Dry shampoo is obviously a saviour for such days. But, even dry shampoo has it's limitations. After a point of time, even using dry shampoo doesn't save your hair from looking greasy. Another trick you can try out to make a makeshift dry shampoo is baby powder.

Sprinkling baby powder on your scalp would help get rid of excessive oil on the scalp and mattify the hair closest to the scalp. And don't worry, it won't make your hair look grey, as the powder gets absorbed by the scalp.

Also, here are a few ways how you can style your hair for when it's greasy, check them out.


1. Waves:

Braid up your hair overnight and wake up to flirty, beachy waves. This works really well on greasy hair, as the natural oils from your scalp would make the waves stay put.


2. Braid:

A simple braid is amazing for when you have greasy hair. Braids are easy to do and look really neat. That's how you can style unwashed greasy hair perfectly.


3. Fishtail Braid:

The trick with getting a fishtail braid right is to divide the hair into four or more sections, and braid it like you normally would.


4. Top Knot:

A top knot or bun is the best way to hide dirty hair. It is a hassle-free hairstyle for any day when you're too busy to deal with your hair. This is one of the hairstyles you could try for unwashed, greasy hair.


5. Side-Swept-Bun:

A side-swept bun adds that elegant, classic touch to a bun. Do this look for when your hair is dirty and you have to go to a fancy party or dinner.


6. Ponytail:

The first hairstyle that any of us wore to school is actually perfect for dirty hair. And it is most definitely the easiest to do! This hairstyle for greasy hair helps you hide oily hair effectively.

Story first published: Thursday, September 15, 2016, 17:00 [IST]
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