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Hair Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easy!

By Kumutha

Having hair that is soft as breeze, silky as feather and glossy like night sky, day after day, is easy said than done. And for those messy, greasy, dandruff-infested days, we got you life-saving hair hacks!

Washing hair every third day is tiring. Oiling hair every fortnight is time-consuming and hair mask even once a month is just so plain exhausting!

If only stars were aligned right, and we managed to have good hair day, every day!

How do these hair hacks actually help, you ask? Read on to find out the answer.

From lifting grease out of your hair, managing dead ends, to cleaning hair brush, we invested a LOT of time in curating tips that can be applied on day-to-day basis to make hair management process a tad-bit easier.

Note: These hacks only make hair management easy, not nourish or strengthen hair, so don't forgo on the ground rules.

Never step out under the direct glare of the sunlight, without properly covering your hair, eat food rich in hair-loving vitamins and chug on ample amount of water.

So, without further ado, here are 12 hair hacks that will make every girl's life easy!

For Greasy Hair
To beat oily hair till your next wash, try this simple step. Take baby powder, using a makeup brush, apply the powder on your hair partition, using your fingers dust off the excess. It will take the greasiness right off, leaving your hair fluffy.

Curling The Right Way
To make your curls last longer, start curling from middle and work your way downwards. It will create spring like curls that will last you all day!

Full-Volume Pony Tail
Here is a little DIY hair trick to fake full-volume pony tail. Divide your hair in two sections, tie two pony tails, one on the top and another at the bottom. Combine both pony tail in one tail and voilà, you got yourself really thick pony tail.

Boby Pin Trick
Wrong way to use boby pin: straight
Right way to use boby pin: upside down, as it will hold your hair together better.

Taming That Frizz
Take a old tooth brush, spritz it with some hair spray. Slowly, run it through the flyaway hair, it will instantly tame it and keep your hairstyle intact all day long. This is one of the easiest hacks for frizzy hair.

For Those Natural Waves
If you want messy waves, without spending hours with ironing rod, try this easy hack. Tie your hair in a loose braid before going to bed. In the morning, open the braid, turn your hair upside down and tousle it. Avoid running a brush through your hair.

For Silky Hair
Throw your cotton pillowcase out and replace it with silk or satin case instead. It will prevent frizz and breakage as you twist and turn in sleep. Plus, it makes your hair silky smooth.

Blow Dry Setting
If you want to style your hair fast, try this hair hack. Keep dryer six inches away from your face. And instead of relying on hot setting, alternate between cool and hot, and it will make it easier for you to set your style.

Hair Growth Trick
To grow your hair an inch or two in a week, try this mind-numbingly easy trick. Set a timer to 5 minutes, lie down on a bed vertically, with your head hanging out and down. Your head should be low enough, so that your hair touches the floor. Now massage your scalp using the soft pad of your fingers. The blood will gush right to your scalp, boosting hair growth. Do this once every day for a week.

Avoiding Hair Spray Stiff Hair
Instead of using hairspray with reckless abandon, which mostly ends up making your hair look stiff, spray some amount in your hands, then run it through your hair. It will tame fly-aways, without making your hair look stiff.

Waves Using Conditioner
If you want slightly wavy hair, instead of plain jane straight hair, try this easy hack. After shampooing, take a dollop of conditioner on to your palms, apply it through your hair, then scrunch it, hold it for a few seconds and then leave. For more waves, divide your hair in small sections, then scrunch.

Split Ends Nipping
Scanning every single hair strand and cutting off the dead ends is an impossible feat! Rather, the right way to do this is to tie your hair in one tight braid. Take a pair of scissors, and nip off the hair that is standing out. Now, that's easy peasy!

Story first published: Friday, September 30, 2016, 17:05 [IST]