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DIY Methi (Fenugreek) And Curd Hair Pack For Silky Hair

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Fenugreek or methi is used in leaf form as a leafy green vegetable or in seed form as a spice in Indian cuisine. And it isn't just used in Indian food, but also in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Turkey. Fenugreek as a herb has amazing health benefits.

Fenugreek, in fact, has benefits for skin and hair care as well. It is known to promote hair growth and reduce hair fall and damage. For the skin, it reduces pigmentation and improves the complexion. Eating foods that have fenugreek can actually purify the blood and lead to better, clearer skin.

fenugreek and curd pack for hair

If applied externally on the skin and the hair, fenugreek can give you multiple benefits. Fenugreek seeds boiled in water and used as a rinse can reduce hair fall to a great extent. This herb has proven to be good for various hair problems, like balding, hair fall and even dandruff.

fenugreek and curd pack for hair

So to find out how to get silky hair using just three ingredients, that you can easily find in your kitchen, keep reading this article. This is a cost effective remedy and it definitely works.

Fenugreek or methi seeds
Olive oil

Method and Application:
Crush the fenugreek or methi seeds to form a powder. You want to make sure that it's fully crushed so that none of the powder remains in your hair after washing. Mix the powder with the yogurt and ensure that the watery part of the yogurt is removed. Add a few drops of olive oil to provide additional moisturisation.

Apply this pack all over the length of your hair as a pre-shower conditioner. Wrap your hair into a bun and cover with a shower cap so that the mixture does not run all over. Keep it on for 30 minutes or even an hour. Then wash it off as you usually would.

Yogurt benefits the hair in a lot of ways. It can act as a natural conditioning mask in itself, while the fenugreek would be promoting hair growth and making the hair less dull. Yogurt also provides a lot of moisture to the hair. You can repeat this treatment once a week for best results.

I hope this post helps you and that you keep coming back to our posts for more amazing DIY beauty tips. Keep trying these out and let us know in the comments section if they work for you!

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Story first published: Wednesday, August 10, 2016, 9:00 [IST]
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