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DIY Apple Cider Vinegar And Lemon Mask For Soft And Dandruff-free Hair

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Rich, lustrous hair can add a shine to your appearance, while damaged, rough hair can make you look lifeless and dull.

Appearance of your tresses can either make or break the deal for you.

In that endeavour to have beautiful locks, we often end-up in damaging our hair by using hairstyling products, sprays or other chemical-filled products.

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Moreover, our diet, lifestyle and other external factors can also cause an irreversible damage to our hair. They can make our tresses look rough, lifeless and also cause development of dandruff, which can further damage your locks.

DIY hair mask for soft hair

Today, we will be sharing an incredible DIY hair mask, using 2 natural ingredients, for soft and dandruff-free hair.

You just need to grab a lemon and some apple cider vinegar to whip up this awesome hair mask. This cost-effective hair mask is easy to prepare and the ingredients are easy to access as well.

Both these ingredients are packed with essential nutrients and unique properties, which enable them to treat hair-related problems.

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Apple cider vinegar is remarkable when it comes to strengthening and softening the cuticles.

Specially, when it is combined with lemon, it can fix the damage to a large extent. The antibacterial properties of lemon make it an ideal and simple solution to treat dandruff.

This hair mask is known to specially suit oily hair. So, read on to know how to prepare this mask and use it.


DIY hair mask for soft hair

1/4th cup of apple cider vinegar
1 lemon


Grate an entire lemon.
Add 1/4th cup of apple cider vinegar to it.
Mix both the ingredients together.

Directions To Use:

Apply this mask to your hair, paying special attention to the scalp area. Let it stay for about 20-25 minutes, for the ingredients to work their magic. Cover your hair with a shower cap to keep dirt or dust at bay. After that, rinse your hair thoroughly.

DIY hair mask for soft hair

PS: This mask may not be very effective on dry hair, as lemon could lead to more dryness. Hence, it is best suited for oily hair.

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