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Copy That Celeb Styling The Centre Parting

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Celebrities are known for their fashion statements. They are also known for their remarkable hairstyles and looks.

One of the common hairstyles we all opt for is a centre parting, which is also called the middle parting. Since this is a comfortable and very easy style to look good in, many of us opt for it.

Today, Boldsky shares with you a couple of ways you can style this centre parting. Beauty experts state that braiding the hair with a centre parting is ideally the best.


Copy That Celeb Styling That Centre Parting

If you have a round face and want to enhance your looks, the bun with a centre parting should be fine! On the other hand, leaving your tresses wild and free is another option to make a style statement just like our very own celebs. So, waste no time.

Go ahead and find out what you can do today to make that middle or centre parting in your hair interesting and fabulous.

Some of these celebs have also added a bit of colour to their crown. If you think you can carry the style too, why not! Take a look:

Colour That Parting

Colour That Parting: To give yourself an oomph look, colour just the crown of your head. This will focus more on that boring looking middle parting. The ombre effect in your hair will surely get heads moving your way, ladies.

Fringe Parting

Fringe Parting: This centre parting style is way too cute! It is also referred to as the school girl look; and we think if you try it out, you will surely make jaws drop.

Braid Centre Parting

Braid Centre Parting: There are a lot of styles you can play with if you're thinking about braids. For long silky hair, you can go in for forehead braids or at the temple braids too right across the head like a band (Jennifer Lawrence style).

Dreadlocks Parting

Dreadlocks Parting: Not many go in for dreadlocks. But, if you think you have the attitude to wear these braids, go ahead girl create your own style statement. At the middle parting, make a thin braid in the aisle. You can give it a creative look just like Miss Keys, or you can wind your hair at the bottom into a pony with the rest of the little braids.

Side Parting Style:

Side Parting Style: This kind of a hairstyle is the definition of boldness. It is the best style for those who have short sleak hair.

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Story first published: Saturday, March 5, 2016, 9:00 [IST]
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