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    Besan Hair Mask Recipes For Super Strong Hair!

    By Rima Chowdhury

    Gram flour, commonly known as besan, has been used for a plenty of beauty purposessince ages. Besan is basically used to cleanse and exfoliate your skin. But did you know besan can also be used over thehair? Can a besan mask be used for hair growth?

    Yes, besan is not only helpful for theskin, but it is extremely useful for the hair as well. It is one of the ancient, tried-and-tested methods to give you strong, healthy and long hair. These besan hair masks prove to be the best when all you're looking for is strong hair.

    From dull to extremely dry hair, besan can help to fix all the different typesof hair problems and hence you must have a look at these besan hair masks.

    Here they are:


    1. Besan With Curd:

    Besan along with curd can help to boost the scalp and also rejuvenate the scalp, thus boosting hair growth. Due to antioxidants and beneficial bacteria present in curd, it help to fight against impurities and dirt on the scalp. Take some besan and mix it with a small amount of curd. Now, add turmeric if you often experience scratching and itching on the scalp. Then,apply this on your roots and wear a shower cap. Wash off with lukewarm water after 30 minutes.


    2. Besan With Egg:

    Besan and egg can help to revive dull and dry hair. It works as an great substitute for shampoo and conditioner. Take two spoons of besan and add one egg white. Whisk both the ingredients together and add one spoon of lemon and honey. Mix all the ingredients together and apply this besan hair maskon the scalp. Wait for sometime and wash off with lukewarm water.


    3. Besan With Olive Oil:

    How to use besan on hair? Well, besan can be used along with olive oil to enjoy long and healthy hair. Take 2-3 spoonsof besan and add some olive oil to make a thick paste. Now, apply this on the roots of the hair and leave it for some time. Make sure you don't allow the hair to turn extremelydry. Wash off with lukewarm water.


    4. Besan And Almond Powder:

    Mix some besan along with the almond powder. Now, add some lemon juice and honey to the curd and mix all the ingredients together. Apply this besan hair mask on the hair roots and wait for some time. Repeat doing this twice in a week until you enjoy healthy, black and bouncy hair. If you are suffering from hair damage, you can add Vitamin E oil capsules in the mixture.


    5. Besan And Mayonnaise:

    Because mayonnaise is excellent for hair, a combination of this ingredient with besan would be mind blowing. Take some 6 spoonsof mayonnaise and add 3 spoons of besan to it. Now, add honey to the mixture and mix them all thoroughly to prepare this besan hair mask. Apply to the roots of your hair and also make sure you cover the ends as well.


    Benefits Of Using Besan Over Hair:

    - It helps to give you strong hair

    - It booststhe scalp and prevents dryness

    - It helps to remove dirt and dust from the scalp

    - It helps to treat split endsas well

    - It helps to give you silky and smooth hair


    Tips To FollowWhile Using Besan:

    - Avoid using a wet spoon, as it may form lumps

    - Always store besan in anairtight container, as it may help to keep the ingredient cool

    - Try to use besan on theskin as well as the hair on aregular basis to benefit from it

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    Story first published: Monday, December 12, 2016, 9:00 [IST]
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