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Amazing Ways In Which Eggs Can Benefit Your Hair

By Riddhi

Everyone knows that eating eggs can really benefit your health. An egg has proteins that are necessary for the body. Using eggs also has a lot of benefits for the hair.

Eggs are rich sources of vitamin B2 and vitamin D; and most of the nutrients of eggs are found in the egg whites. Egg whites are extremely beneficial for those people who are dieting.

Here, we will be listing out how you can use eggs for different hair care concerns of yours. You will be shocked at just how many ways eggs can help you with your hair. It can help with almost all hair problems.

Most egg masks are really easy to make as well. And what's more, you can use just an egg, without mixing it with anything else as well. And, you need not be afraid of the smell clinging on once you wash it. It is easy to remove the smell, provided you use a good shampoo.

So, here are the ways how you can use eggs for hair care.

1. Split Ends: Almost all girls have to deal with the problem of split ends, at least girls with long hairdos definitely have to. And no matter how many trims you get, these split ends just won't go away. In such a case, use a mask made of olive oil and egg whites and apply it on the ends of your hair. Keep it on for an hour and then wash it off.

2. Hair Fall: Mix egg whites with yogurt for a mask that will help prevent hair loss or hair fall. Hair fall is another really common problem that is faced by women.

3. Hair Thinning: Is your hair starting to look thin? This may be because it isn't getting enough moisture and protein. Apply egg whites to the length of your hair. Be sure to use a shower cap, so that the egg does not drip.

4. Dull Hair: A mask made of egg whites and olive oil can also help make the hair lustrous and shiny. So, if you have dull hair, this is the best way for you to get shiny hair fast!

5. Hair Breakage: Hair that is weak is prone to breakage. The idea is to make the hair stronger. An egg white mask can really help make the hair stronger. And healthy hair is a good-looking one no doubt!

6. Limp Hair: Sometimes, hair starts to look limp and flat. To bring life back to your hair, you can make a mask of lemon juice and egg whites. Lemon juice will help clear up oiliness and grease from the scalp, while egg would provide deep conditioning.

7. Frizzy Hair: If you are trying to look great in pictures and have shiny hair, then you definitely don't want to end up with frizzy hair after a wash. Egg whites are the best ways to avoid frizzy hair. A simple mask made of egg whites and olive oil can help your hair look moisturised and shiny, without turning frizzy.

8. Volume: Mix egg whites with mayonnaise to get a very easy-to-make mask that will give you ample amounts of volume in your hair. Leave this on for at least an hour before you wash it.

9. Brittle Hair: Brittle hair is prone to problems like split ends and breakage. To avoid the situation from getting completely out of hand, use an egg mask!

10. Straight Hair: One of the best and most natural ways of straightening your hair is to use egg whites on it. Instead of using a heat-styling tool, try this method the next time. So, these are the perfect home remedies you can try using eggs for hair, do try them!

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