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All-Natural Hair Dyes To Colour Your Hair!

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Sometimes, it gets really boring to stick with your usual hair colour. We all want a change, don't we? But, chemicals in hair dyes can be really, really harsh on your hair and skin. That's why, we'll be sharing with you some natural hair dyes that you can use to colour your hair.

We all wish to try out hair colours, yes we know how much we long for a change. Doing this can be a huge commitment, especially if you don't know which shades you wish to go for. So, for such times, natural ways to colour your hair can be really useful.

Hair dyes all have chemicals that could damage the hair quality, and if your hair is already weak, you absolutely cannot go for a chemical dye.

The hydrogen peroxide content of hair dyes can weaken the hair shaft even further, not to mention that hair dyes make the hair really dry.

So, in order to avoid all such problems, try out these all-natural hair dyes to colour your hair.

These are all safe and would not even cause any reactions on your scalp or skin. They may not be as intense and effective as chemical dyes, but they are much safer.

So, have a look at them!


1. Henna:

Henna is definitely the best natural way to dye your hair. It has a very strong pigment that even works in covering greys in dark hair. Additionally, it cleanses the scalp. So, it's a hair dye and shampoo all in one.


2. Lemon:

Lemon is really well known for its bleaching properties and is best if you want your hair to be just a few shades lighter than your actual hair colour. Apply lemon juice on your strands and go and stand in the sun. This will lighten your hair.


3. Black Tea:

This is the best natural dye to colour your hair if you have dark hair. This would make your hair extremely dark and even give it a nice shine.


4. Chamomile Tea:

This is made for people who have light brown hair or blonde hair. This remedy actually helps darken your light hair, and tea is extremely good to condition hair as well.


5. Beets:

The bright red stain in beets can stain your hair effectively. If you have dark hair, this would give you a nice cherry-like hue. But on light hair, this really shows up well. Use beet juice and leave it on for at least an hour before washing it off.


6. Carrot:

Carrot juice is also great if you're aiming for something very subtle. This is another dye that is best suited for people with light hair.


7. Hibiscus:

Boil hibiscus flowers for around 10 minutes. Strain the solution and let the water cool. Then, coat all your strands with this water. Wash it off after an hour. This gives a nice red tinge to the hair. And hibiscus is also known to help with hair fall.


8. Coffee:

Brew some extremely strong cup of coffee and then apply it all over your hair. This helps people with dark hair and it even covers up the greys. Rinse with apple cider vinegar for best results.


9. Walnut Shells:

Crush walnut shells and boil them in water. Strain the liquid and apply it all over your hair. This will give a dark brown shade to your hair. Natural hair dyes to colour your hair couldn't get better than this.


10. Cherry Tree Bark:

Boiling cherry tree bark can give the prettiest pinkish red shade. Apply the water that is left from boiling to all of your hair strands, and you'd actually see the cherry tinge in your hair.


11. Berries:

All kinds of berries are used world over to dye hair. These work best if your hair is light. If you are feeling bold, you can even use blueberries to get a subtle blue tinge to your mane.


12. Flower Petals:

Any kind of flower petals can be crushed and boiled and can be further used as a stain for the hair. This is one of the most unique natural ways of using dyes to colour hair.

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