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7 Ingredients To Get Rid Of Itchy Scalp

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An itchy scalp can mean many things, like dandruff, or even the fact that a new hair product is not suiting your scalp. We've listed some of the amazing ingredients that would help you get rid of an itchy scalp all by yourself at home.

Itchy scalp that is accompanied by dandruff can actually make it a lot worse. Because the more you scratch at it, the more the flakes would fall.

Sometimes, itchy scalp is caused by too much oil or sebum secretion in the scalp. This can actually lead to the development of pimples or acne on the scalp.

Even though scalp acne cannot be seen, it is as serious a matter as face acne. It can end up getting inflammed and even bleed upon scratching. So, excessive oil is never a good idea on any part of our bodies.

What we all need is the right balance of oil. Since itchy scalp can occur from both oily and dry scalp, these home remedies for itchy scalp would help you deal with both. So, keep reading to find out more about naturals ways to get rid of an itchy scalp at home!


1. Lemon Juice:

Lemon is found as an ingredient in a lot of shampoos and for good reason! Lemon balances out the pH level of the skin, hence balancing the oiliness of the scalp. Rub some lemon juice on your scalp, let it sit for 10-15 minutes and then wash it off.


2. Tea Tree Oil:

Add a few drops of tea tree oil to your shampoo to get rid of itchy scalp at home. Tea tree oil has antibacterial properties that can keep bacteria and other microorganisms at bay.


3. Aloe Vera:

One of the best ingredients that can help you get rid of itchy scalp is aloe vera. Apply aloe vera gel on your scalp to soothe and calm down your scalp. Do this before washing your hair.


4. Neem:

Neem is antibacterial and antifungal in nature and hence it can be used for boils and even pimples. This home remedy is best suited for people who are facing scalp acne. Boil neem leaves in water. Strain the leaves, let the water cool and use this water as a final rinse after shampooing.


5. Yogurt:

Yogurt has good bacteria that help balance the pH level of the scalp. Use yogurt on your scalp half an hour before washing it. Yogurt would even help cool down the scalp.


6. Salt:

Mix salt in your shampoo and scrub your scalp to get rid of the dead skin cells and even dead skin that could be causing the itchy scalp. Try this amazing ingredient to get rid of itchy scalp.


7. Apple Cider Vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar can help reduce the condition of itchy scalps really well. It is used as an astringent to balance out the pH level of the scalp. Make sure the vinegar is diluted in water and then massage it on to your scalp. Wash it after 15 minutes.

Story first published: Monday, September 19, 2016, 11:00 [IST]
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