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Winter Hair Care Tips Every Woman Must Follow


The winter season brings with it cheer and joy, and along with that ray of happiness comes a handful of hair problems that most women endlessly suffer from.

Before the season commences entirely, we suggest you to follow some of these winter hair care tips. These tips on the list, if followed daily, can help prevent dry hair during winter. Some remedies can also treat and prevent sweat and excess moisture on the head that can lead to a smelly and sticky scalp.

On the other hand, some of these winter hair care home remedies, when used, can act as a barrier on your hair whenever you step out into the cold air. According to experts, when the hair receives less sunlight, the ends of the hair begin to look limp and weak.

Scientists state that the rays of the sun have a way of improving the blood circulation in the scalp. Therefore, coming to the conclusion of vitamin D being a necessary element to promote hair growth.

Therefore, during this winter season pay extra attention to your beautiful hair. Pamper it with love and these natural ingredients, and don't stay away from all the chemically treated products. Here are some of the best winter hair care tips every woman must follow.


Keep The Locks Hydrated

Keep your hair hydrated during the winter season. It is mandatory to wash your hair only twice in the week. Towel dry your scalp and tresses, and avoid a blow dryer.


Don't Say No To Oil

Oil is the only thing which will help to keep your hair looking healthy. Hot oil massages should be done at least once in a week to keep your hair from splitting during the winter season. Hot oil head massages can also help to keep the body temperature high.


Indulge In Hair Packs

The best winter hair care tip to follow is to pamper your tresses with protein hair packs for atleast thrice in a month. The hair packs will help to nourish the scalp, promote hair growth and prevent hair loss. Choose the best hair packs to suit the texture of your mane.


Stay Away From Instruments

Since there will be less sunlight, it does not mean that you have to use a hair dryer every time you wash your hair. Staying away from these hair instruments can prevent a number of hair problems.


Try To Get That Sunlight

The best winter hair care tip that you should follow at any cost is to grab every opportunity of allowing your hair to see the sun. Vitamin D is essential for hair growth, so make use of the sun every time it peeps out during winter.


Pamper Your Locks To A Spa

Spa treatment is another way to look after your hair during the winter season. Home remedies like a lemon and rose hair spa, curd and egg spa and leafy green veggie spa are some of the options you can use on your hair.


Stick To Only Home-made Shampoo

Experts suggest that home-made shampoos are indeed the best to use on the hair at any given season. Home-made shampoos have no harsh chemicals or side effects, so it is wise to opt for them during winter.

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