Trendy Haircut Ideas For Long Hair

By: Pooja Kaushal
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What makes a face look beautiful? It has to be a fresh look, suitable make up and a smile. But imagine a face without hair. No matter how well a face is done, without the tresses, all the effort is going to go in vain.

Be it short, medium or long hair gives the face and the personality a whole new definition. If you are one of those who like to go with the trends then you should check out some of the trendy haircuts for long hair that are much in vogue.

Best Hair Cuts For Curly Hair

It is true that managing long hair and keeping it looking healthy requires a bit of effort but if done well, every bit of effort is worth it. Long hair never goes out of fashion and the possibilities of styling with long hair are endless.

Ways To Color Hair After Hair Cut

Maximum celebrities desire to go with long hair; styling is an important part of their wardrobe. Let us check out what are the latest haircuts for long hair that are much in buzz today.



This is the traditional and simplest style that you can come across. A middle parting and long straight hair with a neat trimming always catches attention. You could have a straight trim or give a little round or tapering shape. If you are the proud owner of a thick and glossy mane, you can always carry this style with grace.



When it comes to layers there are multiple options. These are one of the most trendy haircuts for long hair. You could have straight, wavy or curly hair and layers go well with each one of them. Give them an outward feathery look if you have fine hair to add body to your hair. Layers curled slightly outward like a Christmas tree go well for the holiday season. For hair that is not very voluminous adding a bit of waves to the layers instantly gives them great body and bounce.



Bangs keep coming and going and at the moment they are very much here. But remember, bangs only look good with straight hair and faces that are more of the long type than the round type. Bangs can be kept straight or combed slightly towards one side. Keep them just above the eyebrows or just below them. Keeping them too short or long can ruin the effect. If you wish you can add a bit of waves or elastic curls to the bottom.


Wavy curls:

Wavy hair gives the effect of volume and gives the hair a good bouncy effect. When you add waves to layers they fall at various levels and leave heads turning. Adding color to waves or highlighting certain sections can be pretty attractive and trendy looking.


Tight curls:

Some are blessed with tight curls while many get it done. Though not a very easy hairstyle to carry, yet tight curls have their own charm. You could go for a bit of straight hair at the parting and get the rest curled tight. But with long hair very tight curls can be a task to maintain. But then, if you wish to have a trendy hairstyle and are ready to make efforts then curls can be your attractive quotient.



You needn't always have the well set and styled look. A bit of a ‘messy' look too. is very much in trend. Be it let loose or tied in a loose braid or simply clipped with loose ends hanging out this look is much in trend. You can experiment with your hair as you wish and give yourself a fashionable style.

Hair styles are many and with new methods of styling, the options are endless. When you ask yourself what are the latest haircuts for long hair you will be faced with numerous possibilities. But just going with the trend is not enough. Before you decide upon the cut or style you wish to have, be sure that you will be comfortable in it. What is most important about trendy haircuts for long hair, or for that matter any hair length, is your comfort level and the way you carry it.

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Story first published: Friday, October 2, 2015, 14:28 [IST]
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