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Tips To Remove Oil From Hair

By Debdatta Mazumder

Like your body, your scalp also needs certain nutrients to remain healthy. Healthy lifestyle and nutritious diet can make you internally strong. But there are some products which help you to take care of your hair. Hair oils, shampoos, conditioners etc. are materials which are very helpful to retain the natural gloss and health of your hair and scalp.

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But, if you have oily scalp, using too much oil can make your hair greasy. Also oily scalp attracts dust and pollution more and can make your scalp and hair stinky. Also bacterial and viral infections are common occurance in an oily scalp.

During summer, the problem increases a lot. The oil glands of your scalp releases excess sebum and you also sweat a lot. Now, if you massage oil on your scalp, the situation gets worse. The excess oil can makeyour face oily too. So, problems of acne and pimple can haunt you eventually. If you have too oily hair, you can have problems of dandruff too. How to remove oil from hair and scalp?

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There are simple ways to remove oil from hair which you can try at home. You may think that these hair care tips can make your hair dry and rough. Actually, that is not true. Ways to remove oil from hair can give you an attractive look by making your hair bouncy and healthy. How to remove oil from hair? Read on to know more-


1. Don’t Wash Too Much

The oil glands always produce enough oil to keep your scalp moisturized. If you wash too much, the moisturizing oil will be removed and the oil glands will produce more oil to keep the scalp soft. Wash your hair four days a week with oil removing shampoo to wash off excess oil.


2. Stop Using Conditioner

This is how to remove oil from hair. Actually, conditioner keeps your hair moisturized. In winter, you can use it to stop your hair frombeing rough. But in summer, when your hair is already greasy, skip using conditioner after shampooing. Otherwise your hair will look stickier.


3. Keep Your Hands Off

The ways to remove oil from hair are very easy. Do you have the habit of touching or brushing your hair repeatedly? Stop this at once. The more you do this; the more greasier your hair will become.


4. Say No To Stress

Stressful situations can create hormonal imbalance in your body. Therefore, the oil production can be enhanced to a great extent. As a result, you get oily scalp and hair. So, try to stress less. You can practice yoga, work out or try meditations to get rid of stress.


5. Avoid Hot Temperature

Experts say that when hair and scalp get in touch with high temperature, oil production is increased a lot. Don't use hot water while washing. Also use hair dryer at low temperature. As summer aggravates the problem of oily hair more, cover your hair while going out in the summer afternoon.


6. Use Aloe Vera Gel

How to remove oil from hair naturally? Aloe Vera is the best answer you can have. It has components which controls excess oil production and the antioxidants will clean your scalp from within. Just apply the gel 15 minutes before washing and rinse thoroughly.


7. Find Solution With Vinegar

Natural astringent properties in vinegar is a wonderful solution for greasy hair. But never use it in its concentrated form. Take 2-3 spoons of apple cider or white vinegar and dilute it in a cup of water. Now, wash your hair with the solution.


8. Use Tea and Lemon

If you want an answer to how to remove oil from hair, try this. Boil tea leaves for 10 minutes. Let it cool down. Now add lemon juice. Apply thoroughly and wait for 5 minutes before washing. Tannic acid in the tea helps to remove excess oil from hair and scalp.

Story first published: Saturday, October 24, 2015, 3:01 [IST]
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