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6 Home Made Natural Hair Conditioners


You can make your own homemade natural hair conditioner for dry hair. Various chemical conditioners and shampoos contribute to hair loss and thinning of hair in the long run. If we ought to use a particular product for our hair and that too on regular basis it should be natural and safe to avoid damage to the hair shafts and roots. The uses of hair conditioner are many. It adds shine to your hair and makes them appear healthy and soft. It also prevents hair loss which can occur when hair are dry and difficult to manage. So you must opt for a natural home made hair conditioner.

It is normal to lose 50 to 100 strands of hair. However when hair loss exceeds this figure you will notice thinning of the hair and bald patches. This condition is known as alopecia. Most people normally experience hair loss in their 30s due to hormonal changes, unhealthy diet and stress. In trying to correct these factors, adopting natural herbal remedies is very helpful in facilitating hair growth. So you must make homemade natural hair conditioner for dry hair.

How to make hair conditioner at home? Today, boldsky will share with you some amazing home made conditioners.


Onion And Garlic

Sulphur increase collagen production, which in turn promotes hair growth. Onion and garlic are great sources of sulphur, and this is why they have been used for decades as traditional hair conditioners. Apply onion juice and apply on your scalp. Leave for 15 minutes then rinse with mild shampoo. Mix finely chopped garlic with coconut oil and boil for a few minutes. After cooling apply to your scalp.


Coconut Milk

This is one of the effective homemade conditioner for dry hair. Coconut comes with a variety of ingredients that naturally condition and promote hair growth. Coconut contains proteins, minerals and essential fats that help reduce hair breakage. Coconut oil also contains ingredients that strengthen hair follicles and roots. Regular use of this treatment will strengthen your hair and reduce hair loss. Take out the milk from a coconut and mix with a little water. Apply on hair and rinse after some time.


Henna And Mustard Oil

This is one of the best homemade natural hair conditioner for dry hair. You should choose a pure henna. The commercial henna may contain chemicals for hair colouring which will damage your hair. Henna is a natural hair conditioner. For conditioning your hair apply on your hair for 2 hours. It is a natural herbal remedy for strengthening hair and maintaining its color. It works even better when combined with mustard oil or olive oil.



How to make hair conditioner at home? Crush a few hibiscus flowers and mix with coconut oil to form a paste. Apply to the hair and leave for a few hours, then rinse off with mild shampoo. Hibiscus and coconut strengthen and conditions the hair. Hibiscus contains several rejuvenating properties that nourish the hair, prevent dandruff and prevent the formation of premature grey hair. Regular use will also prevent hair loss..



Amla is rich vitamin C and antioxidants, making the ideal solution for hair loss. It also adds shine and conditions your hair. Crush the fruit and mix it with lime. Apply to the scalp and leave to dry. Rinse with warm water. Among the homemade natural hair conditioner for dry hair, amla is one of the effective conditioners.



How to make conditioner? Mix the egg white with olive oil and apply to the scalp. Leave for 20 minutes and rinse with cold water. Eggs are one of the best hair conditioners. They make your hair soft and healthy. They are also an excellent source of sulphur and other minerals such as iron, phosphorus, zinc, selenium and iodine. These minerals promote hair growth more especially when mixed with olive oil.

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