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Hairstyles That Men Love In Women

By Debdatta Mazumbder

Whenever you meet a man it is your face that is appealing to him. Women are all beautiful. You just need to know to present your beauty in a wonderful way. A superb hairdo can give you a mesmerizing look and your partner can be bowled out at your first look. Don’t underestimate men by saying they don’t know about women fashion. They are very much aware of it and can also suggest you valuable opinions.

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There are several hairstyles women should try that men love. Yes, it is very true that you want to style yourself according to your choice. But sometimes, if you try to follow your partner’s wish, it can make your bond stronger. After all if you can suggest him how to keep a stubble or cut hair, he can also suggest you how to stylize your hair or dress up, isn’t it? What hair styles men love in women?

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It depends on perspective. Ask your man how he wants to see you. If he likes loose hair, keep it like that. If he prefers tied up, a bouffant can create a magical look. Whatever hairstyle you do, match it with your apparel and occasion. Here are some hairstyles women should try that men love. Have a look and you will know what hair styles men love in women generally-


1. Long Bangs

It can give you a retro look and goes almost every kind of western outfit. If your partner likes you most in open hair, this can be a great hair style to do. Try it and this makeover will surely make him happy.


2. A Ponytail

Does your partner like a neat and clean look? There is nothing better than a ponytail. In seasons like summer and monsoon, it is difficult to keep your hair open. A simple ponytail with a touch of kajal can give you a fresh look.


3. Highlight It

If your partner likes coloured hair, highlight a lock and keep your hair open. A little curl at the bottom will emphasize your good looks. This is one of the hairstyles women should try that men love.


4. Long Straight Hair

Are you confused thinking what hair styles men love in women? Maximum guys like women with long hair. No artificial accessories, no over emphasizing- just straight long locks can attract your husband more to play with those.


5. A Bouffant

This is definitely one of those hairstyles women should try that men love. Are you going to attend any traditional ceremony like wedding? Then a bouffant designed with garland can attract eyes on you instantly.


6. Pixie Cut

Are you dating an adventurous man who likes to experiment with his looks? Then you can incorporate some of his adventurous nature in you. A short pixie cut with a careless attitude can drive him crazy.

Here are some ideas about hairstyles women should try that men love. Whatever style you do, just keep the occasion in your mind. Another thing is very important. You must take good care of your hair. If your hair is healthy and strong, any style you do, will entrance everyone around you.

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Story first published: Saturday, August 1, 2015, 14:02 [IST]
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