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8 Best Hair Styles To Try Out This Summer

By Pooja Kaushal

Summer! The name of the season itself brings droplets of sweat to your forehead. The strong rays of the sun burn the skin and leave you sweating all over. Couple of minutes outdoors is enough to leave you drenched from head to toe.

In such conditions the hair and scalp suffer a great deal. In order to get some relief in this region it is good to try some summer hair styles that not only keep you from excess perspiration but also give you that stylish look.

Best Hair Styles For Indian Women

Summer hair styling need not be boring and restricted to a simple pony tail. In fact, even that simple pony tail can be styled to give you a chic look. But remember, no matter what style you decide upon it is your confidence that matters a lot. You must be comfortable to wear each kind of style.

Simply getting cool summer hair styles will not make you look smart and fashionable. It is the way you carry it that will matter. And if you do it right the simplest of looks will set heads turning.

Different Hairstyles Of Aishwarya Rai

So let us look at some simple but cool summer hair styles that are not only cool to look at but give you that comfortable feel as well.


Pony Tail

This is the simplest of all hair styles that you can sport. Pull your hair back and tie it all up into a pony tail. This helps keep the hair out of your face. Strands do not hang on your neck and shoulders giving you a clean and breezy look.


Low Pony Tail

If you do not like the high pony tail you can go for the low one. Hold all your hair at the back of your head and tie it low, much towards the lower end of your neck. This can be very easy to do if you have long and evenly cut hair. In case of waves a hair clip or two will keep the loose ends in place.



Again very simple but can be made very stylish. No, you need not look like a school girl in plaits. Keep them loosely tied and give your braids a little messy look. The school girl braids will transform into the fashionable lady. It is a summer hair style that will help you make your own style statement.


Side Plaits

Want to make the braids a little more chic? Make a slight twist, a twist in the literal sense. Instead of making plaits on the back make it on the side.


Fish Tail

This is yet another version of the plaits but a rather broad one. As the name ‘fishtail' suggests plaits are woven in a manner in which they resemble a fish-tail. Falling on the side on one shoulder the braids are broad on the top and taper towards the end. The messy look is considered are rather cool summer hair style and the same can be applied in this fishtail as well.



The bun, though very traditional is very elegant. You can style the bun in different types like a tip knot, a side bun or a low bun.


Braided Bun

This is a combination of two hair styles - the braids and the bun. All you need to do is make plaits and tie up the plaits in the form of a bun. You may require a couple of hair clips to keep some strands in place but the effects are rather stylish and classy.


Short Cut

This could be the easiest things to do for a summer hair style. Come summer and get your hair cut short. But then be very sure about yourself if you desire to go for this cut.

Summer hair styles should at least fulfill on purpose. Keep the hair in one place and prevent excess sweating on the scalp. But you on your part need to take good care of your hair. Perspiration can leave it tangled and difficult to manage leading to damage. Oil your hair regularly and use a mild shampoo to cleanse. Clean hair is healthy and easier to manage.

Story first published: Friday, April 24, 2015, 13:04 [IST]
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