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Rain Water Good Or Bad For Hair?

As soon as the first rains touch the earth, we celebrate the end of hot summer months. Rains are representative of jubilation because they symbolise life. Even as adults we cannot suppress the childish impulse to run out and get drenched in the rain. The only thing that holds us back is the concern for our expensive clothes and fear of hair loss.

There is a lot of debate on whether rain water is good or bad for hair. Technically, rain water is the purest form of soft water. So there is no reason why rain water should be bad for hair. But many people complain that getting wet in the rains has caused terrible amounts of hair fall for them. Most monsoon hair care tips prevent you to get wet in the rains lest you damage your hair.

Then how are we supposed to know the exact position of rain water in terms of hair? Here are some points to explain whether rain water is good or bad for your hair.

First Rains

Always avoid the first rains when it comes to getting drenched. These days cities have acid rains. The first rains wash away the harmful impurities and chemical pollutants in the atmosphere. This polluted rain water is obviously dangerous for your hair. After a few heavy showers, it is safe to expose your hair to rain water.

Soft Water

Technically, rain water is the purest form of soft water. So if you have hair problems, then the safest water for your hair is rain water. Most monsoon hair care tips forbid you to get wet in first rains. But beyond that, rain water will do your hair no harm.

Rain Water Rinse

Sometimes, bathing in the lap of nature is the best way to solve your hair problems. When the monsoons are in full blast you can try the rain water rinse therapy for your hair. Keep a bucket on your terrace to collect rain water. Lather up your hair with shampoo and use the collected rain water to rinse your hair. In this way, you will also be harvesting priceless rain water.

Dry It Up

Although rain water is healthy for your hair, it has some situational problems. Usually, you get wet in the rains while travelling. So your hair cannot be dried until you reach home. If your hair remains wet for a long time, it weakens the hair roots. Besides that, if wet hair is tied up, it often gets knotted up which can further lead to hair fall.

So use rain water judiciously for your hair. Try to prevent getting wet in the rains randomly. Instead, try to harvest rain water smartly.

Story first published: Wednesday, June 19, 2013, 4:03 [IST]
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