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Monsoon Friendly Hairstyles For Women

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Monsoon, the season of rain and moist is one of the most elating seasons. But, in this season, you do not want to look wet and sweaty all day long. Your hair takes time to dry and if you get wet, all your effort to set and manage the hairstyle goes in vain. Thus, here are few monsoon friendly hairstyles that can be ideal for this monsoon season. They are not only comfortable but will also look dazzling!

Monsoon friendly hairstyles for women:

Monsoon Friendly Hairstyles

High ponytail: This hairstyle is commonly preferred by women. You can simply tie a high or low ponytail (whichever is comfortable and suits you) before stepping out of the house. It is manageable and doesn't spread unevenly. You can easily carry this hairstyle while walking down the wet streets. Be creative by trying semi-beehive in front. High ponytail with beehives are fashionable and definitely in! You can also accessorise this hairstyle with an embellished clip.

Loose hair: Monsoon season is one of the most fantastic seasons of all. To bring in the sensational effect, try this hairstyle. It is easy and can be donned with any look. You just need to learn to manage your open hair nicely. Breeze can tangle your hair and makes it difficult to settle back the same hairstyle! Even if you get wet, your wet and lose hair strands will only add to the sensuality. Accessorise with a hair band to carry the classic chic look.

Side pony: This is a trendy and stylish hairstyle that can be carried with ease. Just tie a side ponytail and see how your look changes completely within minutes. For a dramatic effect, tie a loose side ponytail on your side that shows the length of your hair. For many women, right side of the shoulder gives the illusion of long hair whereas, for few women left side works wonders. See which side looks best on you. Tie accordingly and then accessorise with a hair band or clip to get the chic look. You can also try side braids or experiment with the front hair.

Rough bun: This is a simple and classic hairstyle that is ideal for both summer and monsoon seasons. This bold and rough look can be created within minutes. Just take your hair and make a rough bun. Tie the bun with a thin hair band. Let the front hair strands (locks) fall on your face.

Waves: This is a stylish monsoon hairstyle for women. When your hair is wet, it looks wavy. You can either carry the waves hairstyle by simply leaving it loose or by tying the strands of hair into a ponytail. Wavy locks look great in monsoon season.

These are few monsoon friendly women hairstyles that you can try this season. They are fashionable, magnificent and an addition to the ultra chic look.

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Story first published: Tuesday, June 26, 2012, 12:33 [IST]
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