Hairstyles For Women With Broad Forehead

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Hairstyles For Women With Broad Forehead
A nice hair cut compliments the look and adds a zing to the personality. This is why, you flip pages before picking up a hairstyle that matches your facial and body shape. Women with heavy or long face and broad or small forehead have to be more selective with their hair cuts. Men can hide their broad forehead with caps but, women can be creative. Use your long hair to hide the flaw.

If you want to hide your broad forehead with an attractive hair cut then these hairstyles are ideal for you. Make sure you analyse where you want to get the bangs. For broad forehead, bangs on the front or sides are great for women who want to cover their upper face.

Ideal hairstyles for women with broad forehead:

Side bang: This hairstyle is in fashion, so why not utilise it to cover your forehead. For more effect, cut the front portion of your hair till your eyebrows or cheekbone. Women with oval shaped face can carry the side bang easily. Colour the front hair strands for a funky summer look!

Chinese cut: Women with broad forehead often prefer the Chinese hair cut. In this hairstyle the locks cover the forehead completely. For curly hair, this is an ideal hairstyle.

Layered bangs: This hairstyle not only covers the broad forehead of women, but also make her hair look voluptuous. The main benefit of this hairstyle is that the layers need not necessarily be till the length of your eye. You can have front layers till the chin and set them either with the middle line or side line.

What to avoid?

Women with broad forehead should avoid tying their hair. It highlights their forehead clearly and makes them more visible. Even a middle parting can make the forehead appear bigger. Sometimes, beehive hairstyle can compliment a sporty look. If you are wearing a hair band, don't forget to set your front hair out. It covers the broad forehead and adds a point to your chic look. Straight hair needs more attention. For such hair type, Chinese and side bangs can look stylish.

Now, women can cover their broad forehead with these simple yet, stylish hairstyles.

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Story first published: Thursday, April 12, 2012, 17:47 [IST]
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