How Often Do You Wash Your Hair?

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Hair Wash Frequency
How often you wash your hair depends on a series of different conditions; the nature of your hair, your scalp type and also the kind of lifestyle you lead are some. Fashion models for example cannot be seen with even slightly greasy hair so they must wash hair everyday but to a school teacher it won't make such a huge difference; she can just tie her hair up because the compulsion to face the camera doesn't exist.

Here are some guidelines on how often you should wash your hair under the conditions that are relevant for you.

How Often To Wash Hair?

1. Oily Hair: Let us get a head start on what conditions compel you you to wash your hair everyday and of course if your hair is naturally oily then you need a daily wash. Now how would you know if your hair is oily? There is a simple test. Wash your hair in the morning and don't touch it for the rest of the day. At night dab your scalp with a tissue paper, if you get a oil patch you have oily hair.

2. Dry Itchy Scalp: If you are prone to dandruff that originates from flaky dry scalp then you need special type of cleaning for your hair. Ideally you should be oiling your hair with hot oil and then going for a hair wash. As that is not possible on a daily basis you have to go for a plain wash everyday so that you don't scratch all day like a monkey.

3. Limp Or Flat Hair: Some people have hair that looks dead without a couple of days of washing. Either their hair is too thin or the quality of the hair is bad. For such cases, cleaning your hair with shampoo gives it a natural bounce.

4. Thick Strong Hair: If you have normal to good hair in terms of volume and shine then it is perfectly alright to wash hair once in 2 days or at the most every alternate day. If you don't have the above mentioned special conditions then it gives you the leverage to be a little casual about your hair.

5. Hairstyle: If you are in the habit of leaving your hair open then you will probably have to wash your hair everyday. This is because open hair accumulates more filth and also gets entangled quickly. On the contrary if you tie up your hair or plait it then it can stay clean for 3 to 4 days at a stretch.

6. Lifestyle: If you spend most of your time at home then you need not go for a daily wash but if you travel through dust and pollution or are a sportsperson then hair wash everyday is mandatory.

7. Hair Length: Shorter hair may be easier to wash but it need less frequent washes than long hair that is 'high maintenance'.

Use these natural beauty tips to know how often to wash your hair.

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Story first published: Monday, January 23, 2012, 11:47 [IST]
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