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4 Easy To Do College Hairstyles For Women

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A hairstyle can add a zing to a personality. College girls wish to frame new avatars every day to gather attention or look like a diva. Women are very conscious about their hairstyles and looks. The trend is changing on a day to day basis so hairstyles also keep flipping with the trend. Your choice of hairstyle is mainly an expression of individual style.

Lets check out the trendy hairstyles that college women can try this summer.

Hairstyles For College Women!

Ponytails- Ponytail is a very easy hairstyle for college women. If you are in a hurry, just tie your hair and leave for college. It is the most casual yet stylish look. There are different ways to tie ponytails and depends on your hair types. If you have straight hair, then you can try high ponytails like that of Kim Kardashian. To avoid the interference of the locks, make a small beehive before tying your hair. You just have to puff up the front hair strands and pin it with a stylish hair clip. For curly hair, you can tie a side ponytail with a colourful band to get the chic look.

Leave your hair open with accessories- Girls blessed with thick straight hair are not worried to leave their hair open. They can easily comb their hair and use hair accessories such as bands and clips. Even women with curly hair can experiment with beautiful clips or metal hair bands.

French Braid- If you do not want your hair to become oily due to sweat, this is an ideal summer hairstyle. It provides you comfort and you need not comb too often. French braids can be tried by sporty college women too! You can opt for braiding towards one side or make the traditional braid (from the crown of the head till the end). Also add color to the hairstyle by using hair colour extensions.

Rough look- Messy hair also looks good on college women. If you are too conscious to care for complicated hairstyles every day, take a break and try the 'out of bed' look. It looks chic and stylish too! The mantra to carry a rough hairstyle is, you have to carry it smartly! It should not look messy but intentionally so. When you have to tie up your hair while its still wet, use bands or hair clips by making a fringe towards the side. It gives a trendy girlish look. You can also make rough buns or a rough ponytail.

These are few college hairstyles for women which can be easily carried in summer. Which one is your favourite?

Story first published: Wednesday, April 25, 2012, 12:59 [IST]
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