Symptoms And Prevention Of Breast Cancer

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Breast Cancer
Breast Cancer is a cancerous growth. It starts in the tissues of the breast and goes on to grow abnormal cells. The growth of these cells are very fast. Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer found in women. There are four types -

1.Ductal Carcinoma – This occurs in the milk ducts
2.Lobular Carcinoma – This takes place in the milk secreting breast lobules.
3.In-situ – The cancerous cells restrict themselves to their place of origin and do not spread in other tissues.
4.Invasive – Cancer cells move to other parts of the body.

Symptoms Of Breast Cancer

Cancer at it's first stage is never painful and does not even bother the victim. Signs usually appear in the second or the third stage. A breast lump, or a lump in the armpit or near the collar bone, even if not painful should be diagnosed. It can be a sign of developing Breast cancer. Other Symptoms are -

1.Change In Breast Size – Swelling of a mature breast, specially swelling of one breast is the sign of internal growth of of milk ducts or lobes. It could be for normal hormonal changes but if the growth is continuous and not in accordance to your menstrual cycle, then it's better to go for a check up.

2.Nipple Discharge – Generally, breast discharge from the nipples happen between the age of 41-58 due to hormonal changes. But if the discharge is more or only from one breast, or if the discharge is mixed with blood, then it can be a symptom of Breast cancer.

3.Changes in Nipple – Usually, in the case of Breast cancer, the nipples tend to change in shape and size. It becomes big and tender. The nipple tend to loose it's stiffness. In some cases, the skin around the nipple becomes red. Sometimes the skin droops down and also develops rashes. These are early symptoms of Breast Cancer and if diagnosed at this stage it can be cured.

Prevention Of Breast Cancer

A lot of our disease are attributed to our lifestyle. Cancer specifically depends a lot on our lifestyle. Here are few preventions for Breast cancer -

Fiber Food – Food with more fiber content is one of the best ways to prevent and treat Breast Cancer. Blood estrogen is one of the risk factors. Consumption of loads of fiber interrupts the metabolism of estrogen thus, lowering it's level in blood. This thus, prevents Breast Cancer. Fiber rich food are whole rain, fruits etc.

Fish Diet – Intake of fish three times a week is important. For vegetarian, consumption of fish oil is advised. The omega 3 content in fish diminishes the effects of prostaglandins. Prostaglandins, is an agent which suppresses the body's immune system from identifying tumours. Salmon and Tuna are the best kind of the fish, which can prevent the ailment.

Physical Activity – Exercise is the medicine for any kind of health problem. 2 to 3 hour's exercise in a week reduces the chances by 20%. Walking is one of the best forms of exercise advised by doctors.

Small Meals – Fat can also be one of the major causes. Doctors advice, to take small meals, rather than three heavy meals. This regulates the digestive process thus, preventing one from gaining excess weight.

Follow these preventive methods to avoid Breast Cancer. Women around the world, are reeling under this ailment. Take up the initiative and spread awareness.

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Story first published: Wednesday, October 6, 2010, 11:38 [IST]
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