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Valentine’s Day Special: DIY Shimmering Body Oil For Glowy Skin!

Valentine's week has already started with a bang and everyone is seen buying gifts for their partners. It is the perfect opportunity to get up and make ourselves a glow pack. This time we will skip on the face as you must have already done that and move forward with a DIY bodyoil that will make you glow like a Goddess. So, if you want to know how to make it then keep on reading.

The Steps Involved in Making Bodyoil:

This is pretty simple and you don't need extra items to make it. This can be done either by your daily shimmer eyeshadow or illuminating cream. Both the products you can get it online or in the store. You can take a simple bodyoil from brands like MCaffeine which has quite a good range.

You have to put a pinch of your eyeshadow in the bowl. Put a few drops of the oil from the brand you love. Mix both the ingredients and your glowy bodyoil is complete. This is good enough for a one day going out. Don't make it a habit to use it every day. This body oil will give a market-like feel and you will be able to have glowy skin.

Another Easy Method Using Bodyoil:

The next step is to mix the bodyoil with an illuminating cream. This is one of the best ways and even we have used it whenever we wanted to feel a little extra. A glowy body is perfect for this season and pretty sure your partner would love to see your body glow. Also, if you feel lazy and you don't want to add anything then a simple bodyoil will also add that glow to your body if applied enough. Do what feels right to you and you are good to go.

These are some of the easy ways to get a glow on your body without doing too much.

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