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Mother’s Day Special: 16 Easy And Effective Beauty Tips For Busy Moms

Ask the mothers and they will tell you how difficult motherhood actually is. From taking care of their little ones, managing the household work, and preparing food to completing office work, the life of a mother is very busy and tough. And so, finding time to get glamorous is like a dream come true for them. Just because they don't have time and energy to devote to their beauty regime, doesn't mean they don't want to look good and glowing, right? In such a case, beauty tips and hacks work the best. So, while your baby is sleeping, take out some time to pamper your skin and body. After all, looking good is important and boosts your mood and energy too.

As Mother's Day 2022 is just a few days ahead, we have come up with 16 easy and effective beauty tips and tricks for busy moms that are not only time-saving but will also keep you glowing all the time. Take a look.

1. Follow CTM Procedure- If you cleanse, tone, and moisturise your skin on the daily basis, you'll be sure to have healthy and glowing skin. But make sure you pick the products according to your skin type.

2. Use Concealer To Hide Dark Circles- Whether you're awake to attend an office Zoom meeting or your baby starts crying at the midnight, being a busy mom, you're sure to lose out on sleep and that may affect your eyes. Use a concealer to hide those dark circles and the redness.

3. Use Of Dry Shampoo- Being a busy mom, you're sure to have a hectic schedule and tiring days. And so, it becomes difficult to wash your hair on the regular basis, especially when you need to go out. At this point in time, dry shampoo is the best option to make your hair look cleaner and fluffier in no time. However, buy a dry shampoo that suits your hair.

4. Keep Lemon In Hand- Lemon juice helps in brightening the skin, treats acne, dark spots, and freckles. While taking out time to rub or apply the juice on your skin might be tough for busy moms, they can actually keep lemon in hand just to save time and to get the brightening skin at the same moment. Apart from lemon, you can use aloe vera, particularly in the summer season.

5. Tie Wet Hair And Sleep- Have an important event to attend the next morning but don't know what to do with your hair? Just wash your hair with conditioner the night before, roll up your hair to a soft bun and sleep. The next day, your hair will have beautiful soft curls all over!

6. A Nice Coat Of Mascara- Eye makeup is something that can make or break your overall look. In getting the winged eyeliner right, you may end up spoiling your eye look and wasting your time too. In such a case, rely on mascara. Apply a nice coat of it to your eyelashes and it will do wonders.

7. Go For CC Cream- While applying makeup, it's very important to get the base right and flawless. For this, there's a complete procedure, which you need to follow. Priming and blending definitely need a good time. So, to avoid it and save time, you can replace the primer and foundation with a CC Cream.

8. Go For Bright Lipstick- A bright shade of lipstick can instantly lift your look and at the same time, your confidence. Whether you have an official meeting to attend or you're going to a party, just apply bright lipstick.

9. Coconut Oil As Face Moisturiser- You must be aware of the benefits of coconut oil. It is the best oil that not only keeps the skin hydrated and healthy but also treats acne, and dry skin, and works as the best moisturiser for the face and lips. Apply it before bedtime and the results will be magical.

10. Application Of Ice Cubes- The sleepless nights are surely going to get you a lot of dark circles and puffy eyes. Ice cubes do wonder to face. It only helps de-puffing your face but also freshens up the look. Right after waking up, take an ice cube, wrap it in your handkerchief, and apply it all over your face.

11. Dry Nail Polish With Cold Water- Nail polishes enhance the look of the hands and legs. For busy moms, it's impossible to sit in one place until the nail polish gets dry. To dry them faster, fill a small bowl with cold water, add some ice to it, and dip your nails into it.

12. Get A Low-Maintenance Haircut- If you are not able to give your long hair much time and care that it needs, it's better to get a low-maintenance haircut that requires less time, care, and styling. Either you can chop them off into short or get a good stylish haircut like a layer or feather.

13. The Overnight Braids- This is just an alternative for point no. 5. If you're unable to take out time for washing your hair, simply tie your hair into a braided bun or two braid tails and sleep. This method too will get your hair good curls the next morning.

14. Keep Lip Gloss Handy- Nothing works better than keeping your lips hydrated. Invest in a good lip gloss and keep it handy. Use it on the regular basis and keep your lips moisturised. Apply it all day and before going to bed and you'll see effective results.

15. Fix Brows With Balm And Brush- Knowing your busy schedule, you don't have to hassle with filling and defining your eyebrows with a pencil. Just take a pea-size amount of balm on your fingertip and apply it to your brow. Use a brush to get it in shape.

16. Cover Grey Hair Instantly With Eye Shadow- Don't panic when you see grey hair while you're running late for the office. Pick an eye shadow shade closest to your hair colour and cover it up, using a brush or sponge.

We hope you find these beauty tips helpful. Let us know your opinions in the comment section.

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