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7 Wonderful Beauty Benefits Of Marijuana For Skin And Hair

Marijuana for beauty? This statement itself might sound weird to a regular reader. But, this statement holds true. Marijuana, also known as Cannabis, has become a major thing in the beauty industry with tons of products infused with it.

The medicinal properties of marijuana were acknowledged decades ago and now it has made its way into the cosmetic industry. Studies have found that marijuana has therapeutic benefits and that it can be used to treat various skin and hair issues[1] . So, how is marijuana used to benefit your skin and hair, and what are those benefits? Let's find out!

What Form Of Marijuana Is Used For Beauty Purposes?

For beauty purposes, marijuana isn't used in its raw form but the extracts from the Cannabis/marijuana plant are used to formulate the cosmetic products. The seeds of the plant (hemp seeds) and oil are used in the formulation of cosmetic products. These contain essential properties, vitamins and fatty acids that benefit the skin immensely. The most used form of marijuana is the oil. Let's now look at the benefits of marijuana for skin and hair.

Beauty Benefits Of Marijuana For Skin And Hair

1. Fights acne

Acne is one of the most common skin issues that we face. And we are in the constant hunt for finding remedies and treatments for acne. Research shows that marijuana contains various cannabinoids that help regulate the sebum production in skin and thus effectively control acne[2] Moreover, it has anti-inflammatory properties that help subside the inflammation, irritation and redness caused by acne.

2. Soothes the skin

Marijuana is quite effective in soothing the skin and tackling inflammation of the skin. It contains cannabinoids such as THC and CBC that possess strong anti-inflammatory properties that not only bring the inflammation down but also heal the pain caused due to the inflammation[3] .

3. Tackles dry skin

The issue of dry skin can be tackled with a marijuana extract, hemp seed oil. Hemp seed oil contains essential fatty acids such as omega-3 and omega-6 that hydrate the skin. Study shows that hempseed oil effectively nourishes and moisturises the skin to fight dry skin and itchiness[4]

4. Prevents signs of skin ageing

When it comes to ageing, people are often on the fence about whether marijuana helps or worsens the process of skin ageing. But, like all things, when used in moderation, cannabis oil helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The vitamins C and E[5] present in it help boost skin cell regeneration and collagen production to leave you with soft, supple and youthful skin.

5. Strengthens and nourishes the hair

Hemp oil, when used topically, can help strengthen your hair. It contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and ceramides that hydrate the hair and prevent protein loss from it to leave us with strong, healthy hair. In addition to that, it also helps treat dull and dry hair and repair hair damaged caused by the heat styling products[6] .

6. Boost hair growth

The omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids present in hemp oil help boost the blood circulation in the scalp and that in turn promotes healthy hair growth. Besides, it gives your hair a protein boost that leads to healthy and strong hair growth.

7. Conditions the scalp

As said above, cannabis contains essential vitamins and fatty acids that work well to nourish and moisturise your scalp. Furthermore, the anti-inflammatory properties of marijuana have a soothing effect on your scalp.

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