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Amazing Fragrance Hacks To Ensure That You Smell Like A Dream All Day Long

To smell amazing is a tool that has a power not many people recognize. It can affect your mood. It can even be a deciding factor in people's perception and impression of you. To smell great is a quality that makes us attractive and as such, no one wants to smell bad. But, most of the days we find the fragrance fading away in a couple of hours and by the time you are halfway through your day, it completely vanishes. And not many of us have the time, option or patience to reply to the perfume every few hours.


So, what do we? Is there any way to enhance the effect of a fragrance and to make it last a long time? Well, luckily for us, there is. Today, we have some fabulous fragrance hacks for you. These hacks will ensure that you smell like a dream all day long. Let's begin!

1. How You Store Your Fragrance Counts

The way you store your perfume also plays a role in the quality and longevity of the fragrance. Place your perfumes in a dark and cold place to retain its quality. Sunlight and hot temperature can damage the molecular structure of the fragrance thereby compromising its scent and quality. So, keep your perfumes away from direct sunlight.


2. But First, Moisturiser!

You might not know this but fragrances last long on oily skin. So, instead of applying the perfume on your bare skin, apply a moisturiser first and then go ahead and spritz the perfume. It will ensure that the fragrance lasts longer. Also, go for an unscented moisturiser to prevent mixing up of the scents.

3. Know Where To Spray The Fragrance

How long does the perfume last depends largely on where you apply it at. Always apply the perfume on the pulse points of your body. This will ensure that the scent is more intense and that it lasts longer. The pulse points of your body are:

  • Inside of the wrists
  • Behind the ears
  • Behind the knees
  • Inside the elbows
  • The base of the throat

4. Add Your Favourite Fragrance To Your Lotion

If you are someone who uses a body lotion daily(which you should!), you can mix your perfume with the lotion to ensure that it lasts all day long. It maximises the pay off of your fragrance. But, ensure that the lotion is unscented.

5. Apply The Fragrance When You Are Fresh Out Of Shower

When you apply the perfume is also important. The best time to apply the perfume is when you are fresh out of the shower. Your pores are open, your skin clean and your damp body ensure that the fragrance lasts longer.

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6. Vaseline Is Your Perfume's Best Friend

Before you apply the fragrance on your pulse points, rub a little vaseline over them. Vaseline not only moisturises your skin to increase the efficiency of the perfume, but it also helps to lock the scent into your skin and thus it lasts longer.

7. DO NOT Rub Your Wrists After Applying The Fragrance

This is a mistake that most of us make. Whether we've seen this in movies or read it somewhere, it is not true. Rubbing the wrists together after application breaks the top notes of your perfume and makes it fade faster.

8. Spritz It To Your Hair Brush

Adding the fragrance to your hair is a great way to enhance its longevity. But, spraying it directly to your hair might damage your tresses. So, to prevent that, spray the perfume on your hairbrush or comb and run it through your hair.

9. Infuse The Fragrance Into Your Clothes

Another way to make your perfume last longer is to infuse the fragrance with your clothes. To do that, take a scented tissue or apply some perfume on a regular tissue and keep it inside your clothes kept in the cupboard. Your clothes will absorb the fragrance.

10. The Quick Touch-up With Cotton

To refresh yourself throughout the day, we have a cotton hack for you. Spray the perfume on a few cotton balls and keep it in a plastic bag, squeeze out the air from it and seal it. Whenever you feel the need to use it to re-apply the fragrance.

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Story first published: Saturday, November 9, 2019, 8:00 [IST]
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