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10 Different Types Of Manicures That You Can Try

Who doesn't love soft, plump hands and finely painted nails? Well, to get those, it is necessary to pamper your hands every once in a while. A manicure is a process that helps you to do just that. A manicure isn't just about painting your nails in pretty and exotic colours. It is about pampering your hands and your nails and taking proper care of them, just as they deserve.

Deemed by many of us as a luxury, a manicure is a part of skin care that we conveniently neglect. The process of manicure involves exfoliating and moisturising your hands, apart from painting your nails and nothing can be more relaxing for your hands than a manicure done well.

And the best thing is that there are multiple options available for you to choose from. The difference being the price point and certain changes in the procedure, you can go for the one that suits you the best.

To make that choice easier for you, this article aims to discuss the different manicures available. Go through these and take your pick.

1. Basic Manicure

Ideal for the first timers, basic manicure helps to relax your hands and to give a proper shape to your nails. The manicure starts with an application of cuticle cream. Your hands are then soaked in a tub of warm water for about 5 minutes. Your hands are then taken out and dried. The technician will push your cuticles back gently, trim, file and shape your nails. It is followed by a gentle hand massage. Then a base coat is applied to your nails followed by a nail paint of your choice and a top coat.

2. French Manicure

One of the most popular manicures, a French manicure gives a chic and crisp look to your hands. This is, in fact, a manicure that many of us might have tried at home. It is quite similar to a basic manicure when it comes to manicure process. The difference is in the way your nails are painted. In French manicure, your nail is painted in clear nail paint. The tip of your nail is then painted in a solid white colour.

3. American Manicures

An American manicure is quite similar to a French manicure. The difference is that an American manicure has a more natural look as compared to a French manicure. While the French manicure uses transparent nail paint with a pink undertone, the American manicure uses a neutral undertone. In fact, the shape of the nail is also different in an American manicure. It is more curved at the ends as compared to a French manicure. The process is the same - soaking, filing, shaping, massaging and painting.

4. Gel Manicure

Don't want to visit a salon frequently to get a manicure? Go for a gel manicure. A gel manicure is a long-lasting manicure that has a glossy look to it. A special gel nail paint is used to paint your nails. The process starts as usual with soaking, cuticle pushing, filing and trimming of the nails and finally a hand massage. The technician then applies a base coat followed by a coat of gel nail paint. A UV light is then used to completely dry this coat. Another coat of the gel polish is then applied. Again, UV light is used to dry the polish completely and then it is finished off using a top coat.

5. Shellac Manicure

Another long-lasting manicure, shellac manicure is a perfect blend of gel and regular nail paint. This manicure reduces the chances of nail chipping and thus looks good for a longer while. This is the perfect manicure if you do not want to fuss much about your nail paint. The process remains the same with a shellac gel nail paint applied to your nails after the hand massage. The first coat of nail paint is dried using a blow dryer before going in with the second coat which is again dried using a blow dryer. A top coat is applied later to finish it off.

6. Paraffin Manicure

A paraffin manicure is more about taking proper care of your hands than improving their appearance. This manicure is perfect for treating dry hands and providing a relaxing treat to your hands. In this manicure, your hands are massaged using a nourishing lotion and then they are soaked in lukewarm liquid paraffin wax. Your hands are pulled out after a while, wrapped up in a towel for about half an hour. This is followed by your regular manicure process of filing, shaping, massaging and painting your nails.

7. Hot Stone Manicure

A hot stone manicure helps you to relax your hands. In this manicure, hot stones are used to perform the hand massage and release the tension in your hands. The manicure starts with a warm soak, your cuticles are then pushed back, your nails filed and trimmed. Hot stones are then used to give your hands a massage. This is followed by painting your nails in the colour of your choice.

8. Mirror Manicure

This is for those who want a little more bling to their manicure. This is a manicure that gives your nails a mirror effect. The process starts as usual. The only difference is the nail paint that is applied to your nails. In a mirror manicure, after a base coat, your nails are coated in dark nail polish, preferably black. The nail paint is dried completely before applying a chrome pigment over it to give your nails a mirror effect. A top coat is applied and UV light is used to dry it off to finish this manicure.

9. Reverse French Manicure

A funky twist to the already popular French manicure, a reverse French manicure is about swapping the solid polish of French manicure. While in French manicure a crescent moon shape is painted on the tip of the nails, in a reverse French manicure this shape is drawn at the base of the nails. The starts with soaking your hands in warm water followed by pushing back of cuticles, trimming and filing of the nails. The technician then applies a transparent polish on your nails. A crescent shape is then painted at the base of the nails, near your cuticles. You can even go for a crescent shape being painted at the tips of your nails as well. Finish it off with a top coat and you're done with the reverse French manicure.

10. Acrylic manicure

Don't have long nails and you refrain yourself from getting a manicure done because of that? Well, we have a solution just for you. For those who might not enjoy a manicure to the fullest due to short nails, an acrylic manicure works as a knight in shining armour. An acrylic manicure involves a layer of an acrylic nail formed over your natural nail. The acrylic nail is formed using a liquid monomer and powder polymer and this acts as your nail and the base for your nail paint. In this manicure, your natural nails are roughened up by the technician to make it easier for the acrylic nail to stick to your nails. The acrylic is then filed and shaped like an actual nail. Once they are smoothened enough and dried completely, the technician starts with the nail paint application.

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