5 Must-know Things Nobody Told You About Bikini Wax

Have you ever thought of going for a bikini wax but immediately brushed off the idea thinking it would harm your skin? Well, there are a lot of things about waxing, especially bikini wax, that you are not aware of.

To give you more clarity about bikini wax and they way to do it correctly at home, we have curated a list of five less-known and must-know things about bikini wax that will help you make a decision on whether you should go for it or give it a miss. After all, you body is precious and you definitely do not want to go for anything that doesn't suit it or harm it in any way, right?

Must-know Things About Bikini Wax

But before that, one needs to understand what exactly is bikini wax?

What Is Bikini Wax?

Also known as Brazilian wax, bikini waxing is basically shaving off pubic hair from one's body. Some people opt for bikini wax for being presentable, some do it aesthetics and some do it for hygiene purposes. Whatever be the reason, bikini wax is one of the most preferred options by women worldwide.

But before you go for a bikini wax, there are certain things you need to be aware of, which not every salon stylist will tell you. Listed below are some lesser-known things about bikini wax you must know before you actually consider and opt for it.

5 Must-know Things About Bikini Wax

There are several bikini wax looks to choose from

You might be surprised to know this, but there are actually various types of bikini wax looks to choose from. You can actually ask you salon attendant beforehand as to which look you prefer. You can simply do a bikini wax where she will remove all pubic hair or the one where only the sides are taken off. You can also get all the hair removed and leave just a small landing strip or a tiny triangle left in the front. It totally depends on you - but let your salon attendant know that first.

Take a not of the length of hair beforehand

This is something you need to be aware of. Before going for a bikini wax, you must understand what should be the ideal length of the hair for it to be removed by waxing. Ideally, it has to be at least ¼ inches long - long enough for it to be pulled out. And, if its too long, you can simply trim it before going for actual waxing. This way things will be much easier.

Check if it is the right period to go for a wax

If it is that time of the month, you better refrain from going for a bikini wax. While there is no reason in particular, it might become to messy and not to mention - unhygienic. Also, you skin becomes a bit sensitive when you are on your period. This is another reason you must wait for at least two days after your period is over to go for a bikini wax.

Have a bath before you go for bikini wax

Always remember this. Run a bath before you go for bikini wax. Let your body, especially your private parts, be fresh and washed before you go for it.

Gear up for some pain, but it's worth it

The intention is not to scare you away, but bikini wax does hurt, and for that matter, even regular wax does. After all, you are pulling out hair from your body, it's going to hurt, but trust us - it's worth it. If you are a beginner with bikini wax, we would suggest you to go to a salon and get it done by a professional. But, if you have been doing it for quite sometime now, you can also do it at home and save yourself from the hassle of booking an appointment and spending tons of money.

If you want to know how to do bikini wax at home, here is your how-to guide:

How To Do Bikini Wax At Home

It is quite easy to do bikini wax at home. You just need a few materials and you are sorted. Listed below is a quick how-to-do on bikini wax.

Material required

  • Hot wax
  • Wax strips 
  • Moisturising lotion
  • Spatula for applying wax
  • A clean wet cloth dipped in cold water

How to do

  • Gather all the materials required and sit on the floor with your knees bent, facing the ceiling and your legs pushed slightly outwards. 
  • Before you begin, just check the wax to ensure it is not too hot and is bearable. 
  • Apply wax on your pubic area on the hair in small strips
  • Place the wax strip on it area where you applied wax and dab it gently. 
  • Pull against the direction of hair growth 
  • If your skin burns or itches, immediately rub it gently with your fingers until it calms down.
  • Repeat the process until all hair is removed successfully. 
  • Take a wet cloth and wipe the area clean and ensure no traces of wax are left.
  • Apply a moisturising lotion and finish it off.
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    Story first published: Tuesday, October 16, 2018, 18:30 [IST]
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