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How To Give Yourself A Manicure At Home

By Riddhi Roy

Who doesn't love a pamper session? Sadly, most of us are usually too busy for a full-blown pamper session at the parlour. But does it mean that you cannot indulge in some pampering?

Additionally, these parlour treatments do not come cheap. Obviously, most of us would not wish to spend all of that hard-earned money, just for a little pampering, when we can easily do it all at home. We assure you that most of the things you need for an amazing, professional-style manicure are quite easily available at your home, and if not, they can be bought easily in the markets.

Everyone likes to keep neat-looking hands and nails. And often our hands get neglected from receiving daily care and attention from us.

This is why we are going to tell you how to do a manicure in the luxury of your home, so that your hard-working hands get the love and attention that they deserve. The best part is that you can do this at any time of the day, without having to set an appointment.

So, here are some tips on doing a manicure at home.


1. Trim:

Trim your nails using a hand nail clipper. Trim them to an appropriate size and shape. Remember that nails that are too long can start to look a bit untidy. Moreover, they are more prone to being brittle and breaking. Longer nails also require more maintenance and can get in the way of you doing your chores. Clip them to a medium length.


2. Cuticle Oil:

Use a cuticle oil or any kind of an oil on your nails to moisturise your nail bed and to soften those annoying cuticles. You can even use coconut oil mixed with any essential oil of your choice. The essential oil is meant to add an aroma to the entire experience of you pampering yourself at home.


3. Soak:

To soften those cuticles after moisturising them, you will need to soak your hands. Take a bowl of lukewarm water. You may add an essential oil to this, like lavender. Soak your fingers for a few minutes just to soften the cuticles before pushing the back.


4. Brush:

Now, take a brush and a cuticle stick to brush away the dead skin cells and to push back those cuticles. Be very careful not to pierce through the skin while using a cuticle stick. Use a brush with very soft bristles to use on your hands, as the skin on the hands can be very delicate. Also, use a very gentle brushing motion while doing this.


5. Moisturise:

After all that dead skin removal, it is very important to moisturise your hands using a hand and nail cream. If you do not have one, you may use any face or body moisturiser available to you. Moisturising your hands is important because the hands are one of the few body parts that do not produce any oil on themselves.


6. File:

After this, use a file to dull down any sharp edges in your nails and to give your nails some shape. You may go for any shape you like, be it round, almond shape or square shape. Keep in mind that although square-shaped nails look very chic, they are most prone to breakage.


7. Base Coat:

After achieving the desired nail shape, apply a transparent base coat of the nail polish to protect your nails from any colours you would be applying after that. Base coats also help make the nail polish last longer. Some base coats available in the markets even strengthen your nails. So, if your nails are prone to breakage and are brittle, definitely go for a base coat.


8. Nail Polish:

This is the most fun part of a manicure, especially with all the amazing colours and finishes of nail polishes available today. You can go for gel finishes, or even a mirror chrome finish. The options are endless these days.

With that, we end our tips on how to do manicure at home. Do try these out and let us know what you thought. For more amazing beauty updates, keep following Boldsky!

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Story first published: Wednesday, February 21, 2018, 18:38 [IST]
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